the irresistible fleet of bicycles

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health care and young farmers

We are so grateful to Shoshana Inwood, an assistant professor at UVM, for drawing attention to the struggles that young farmers face when it comes to procuring health care and starting a family. This won’t be news to any farmers in the audience, but it is worth sharing widely to raise more awareness– especially with Congress reeling to repeal the ACA. We stand to lose what little access to health care we already have. Motivated? Call your senator today!

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how do we feel about the vertical farm?


Illustration by Bruce McCall, published by The New Yorker 1/9/17

This is a genuine question for all future agriculturalists!

Growing things without soil or sunlight: Are the farmers and gardeners who feel uncomfortable by this notion the future purists of agriculture?

If, for the sunburned-purist with soil under their feet, this seems inappropriate; wouldn’t it be interesting to get to the bottom of exactly why that is?

Weightless farming, stacked garden beds growing in a warehouse instead of a field; in this new paradigm, are the bent-in-half rural folk a kind of privileged class (receiving the privileges of nature) casting judgement on the metropolis dwellers when we express discomfort with vertical agriculture?

Then the question of quality arises – nutritional quality that is. Veggies divorced from the elements, surely the consumer is missing something, right?

For a thorough behind the scenes look at AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey and their plans to produce a 1,000 tons of greens annually click HERE

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aluna the movie


Aluna is a movie about the KOGI – A revered indigenous civilization living on a mountain in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia. The Kogi have reached out to the world through film, collaborating with Alan Ereira in an attempt to change our fundamental understanding of reality.

Ripples from their first collaboration over twenty years ago led to developments all over the world, bringing the King of Spain to their hidden home in the mountains, influencing each new Columbian president to seek their approval before taking office, and helping shape the formation and declaration of the Rio Conference.

However, they don’t feel that the world has listened!

To learn more about the Kogi and Aluna the Movie, click HERE

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nofa mass winter conference, jan 14, worcester, ma


Looking for a way to get off the farm, dig deep into the New England farming community, and start preparing for next season? It’s not too late to take workshops in biochar, no-till farming, how to achieve fair wages for farmers and farm workers, and bee hive management. Registration is still open for the NOFA MA winter conference!

Saturday, January 14, 2017
Worcester State University
Reg Phone (508) 572-0816
Sheehan Hall
486 Chandler Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01602

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great reasons (and three well- paid positions) to move to the Catskills (for)


Image from the Otswego Land Trust. P.S. They’re hiring for an Executive Director.

Tianna Kennedy, of Star Route Farm in the Catskills of NY, contributed this compelling argument to young agrarians and agrarian-minded professionals. She says, so you think rural areas like the Catskills are a dead-end: you’re wrong. Make sure to read beyond the break to see the three amazing farm positions she’s spotlighted– two “professional” jobs and one farming incubator.

“So many great Ag jobs up at the moment in the Catskills.

People, it is time we for real reverse the trend towards urbanization – strong self-sufficient local communities and the thriving informal economies and the distribution routes they engender are more resilient than vulnerable urban centers.   They are pockets of resistance and value. Quality of life skyrockets proportionate to distance from urban centers.  Plus, the clean air, water (to swim in as well as to drink), farm-fresh food, views! The country has it all.  Continue reading

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another model for financing farm starts

Kristopher Flack from 2015 New Farmers Almanac

Kristopher Flack from 2015 New Farmers Almanac

Let’s talk about money folks.

How do we go about starting farms? Some of the main barriers new farmers face are access to training, access to land, access to funding. We’ve definitely noticed that in the last 10 years there has certainly been an increase in training opportunities, from more farms offering better employment, institutions offering curriculum around sustainable ag, and organizations, with as similar mandate to ours, helping connect budding agrarians.

But land access and funding remain serious challenges. While farmers continue to create novel approaches to financing their operations (CSA’s, community borrowing) we clearly need more recognition and support from the financial industry to help get new farms off the ground. Continue reading