the irresistible fleet of bicycles

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carbon farming in los angeles

“It’s not humans that are damaging to ecosystems; it’s our extractive culture that is damaging to ecosystems.”

This week’s Kiss the Ground share features Rishi Kumar, founder of Sarvodaya Farms, on how we can use agriculture to repair ecosystems. Savordaya Farms is a one acre farm located inside the city limits of Los Angeles and provides the city’s only urban farmer training program.

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the radically pragmatic idea of biomicry


What is biomicry? In short, an idea that is at once completely revolutionary and also the epitome of conservative common sense. Our friends over at Kiss the Ground have a neat little blog piece this week giving you the rundown on the concept, change makers that are currently putting it into action, and some amazing numbers on the carbon in our world– what’s in the air and what should stay in the ground. Check it out!

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“bee” kind to pollinators!


Protecting our pollinators is an important lesson in always looking out for the little guy. From bees and butterflies to moths and hummingbirds, little guys are essential to our food system and the intricate web of life here on planet Earth. To wit:

According to our friends at, bees alone pollinate 80% of the world’s plants, including 90 different food crops, and one out of every three to four bites of food we eat is in thanks to bees. The honey bee is also personally responsible for $15 billion in US agricultural crops each year.

And if you like chocolate, there’s an especially little guy that you need to thank:

Allen Young, a leading cacao expert states, “A tiny fly no bigger than the head of a pin is responsible for the world’s supply of chocolate.” Incredible!

To learn more mind-blowing facts about pollinators and the important work to protect them, click HERE. You’ll find Blair Wojcik’s excellent blog post at Kiss the Ground, the good folks who are inspiring us to protect and restore soil around the globe.