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A note on jobs. 
For many years now we have posted jobs for young farmers around the country.  While it has been a blast to see firsthand the incredible opportunities that are out there, the sheer number of jobs that come through our inbox has become more than we can handle.  That’s a good thing, especially for our job-seeking readers.  To simplify and optimize the experience for job seekers and job posters, we’ve formalized our friendship with the good folks at Good Food Jobs so that Greenhorns Blog readers can post on their targeted site.

Good Food Jobs is an online job search specifically designed to link people looking for meaningful food work with the organizations that need their energy, enthusiasm, and intellect (note that there is an editorial policy stating that jobs must pertain to sustainable food and/or food culture).

Although they post various food related positions (think working with farms, food artisans, education, economics, politics, purveyors, retail, restaurants, and more), their audience of over 35,000 active users come back again and again looking for agricultural opportunities. We think it means great things for the future of food, and we’re excited to use their great platform for the (more than we can handle) job postings that come through greenhorns blog.

The Good Fooders created a free trial code specifically for The Greenhorns and also a button for job seekers on the Greenhorns blog so we don’t lose the action.. click HERE, register with their site, and use the promo code trial2014 at checkout. Your posting will be 100% free.   In the early stages of this relationship, we will post weekly roundups of farm jobs that they have listed on our blog, so you’ll get some attention that way as well.

Since they have a strong interest to include more agricultural positions, should you have success with your first listing, and any additional ones that you’d like to post, you can use the promo code green10. Usually these postings cost $60 for 60 days, but the farmer discount allows you to post for only $10.

Feel free to spread the word to any farming friends that you might have as well. We’re excited to see these codes get some action, and see agricultural jobs outnumber those of any other area as we continue to solidify farming as a legitimate, worthy, and desired career path for job seekers. Greenhorns is really glad to see Good Food Jobs building a strong business model, a strong community and great traction in this special realm of job-searching and job-finding,  importing talent into our food system.

If you have any questions, you can always feel free to contact the folks at Good Food Jobs directly,  They are very friendly people, and we Greenhorns are thrilled to work with them.

7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. On the subject of the 400M acre land transfer:
    Why not open the opportunity up to the entire world so anyone with the interest and capacity to meet the requirements could become an owner? A registry of the current farm owners would be needed which potential new owners [around the world] could review online to choose a location that would be best suiting. A new migration incentive into the country would be created, albeit, with the required sponsorship of the State department, a bit of a political hurdle. The argument on Capitol Hill would move along the lines of “farm jobs are urgently needed just as much as STEM jobs are”. That would encourage an immense diversification of cultures to repopulate the farms adding a richer environment to the country, as well. Imagine what farming in the country would look like with so many new foreign ideas infiltrating into the current paradigm.

    I think this is a project to present at Google’s Solve for X. They would be interested in solving this issue and Severine should be the one to present it as a moonshot ( ). She was superbly witty and convincing at Bioneers.

    Also, should look into the subject of Impact Investing ( , , ).

    Finally, you might want to marry your requirements conversion of the 400M acres with economic opportunities that would allow for revenue growth: manufacture and sale of biochar ( ), conversion of plastic waste to oil ( ), conversion of biomass to energy for sale to district utilities. There is much online on these subjects and the technologies are now robust enough to have had commercial market entries. I think you should consider these ideas and others as a way to diversify your opportunities to improve your income stream diversification to better forecast a successful transfer of the farm land as it occurs.
    Best regards,

    Rafael Melendez
    RLM Consulting Services
    Catalysts for Sustainability and Resilience

  2. How do I contact you? Ha ha. For a page that says “contact us”, I’m not clear on how to.
    I’m interested in finding out about farming groups of people or agri-hoods outside or Portland OR.
    Do you have a suggestion? Thank you kindly for your time.
    Best, Sidny

    • Hi Sidny, sorry for the confusion. Please contact office(at)thegreenhorns(dot)net with inquiry and perhaps we can connect you!

  3. Have trying to find name of person(s) responsible for the Sail Freight Project. Cannot find any straight forward listing. Ditto comment above re “contact page”

  4. Tell me more about the WV deal your offering

    • Hi Shaun. We are not ourselves offering the deal. If you read the post closely, you’ll see that we’ve reposted from an organization called Appalacian Catholic Worker. Their contact info is at the bottom of the post.
      Blog Team

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