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greenhorns featured on michael olson’s radio show, mentioned on wisconsin public radio!

Lauren Markham, author of  The New Farmers, an article in Orion Magazine, recently spoke on Wisconsin Public Radio about the young farmer movement. Have a listen, she gives the Greenhorns a big ole’ shout-out and boost!

Greenhorns were also recently featured with Lauren Markham on Michael Olsen’s food chain radio show to discuss the future of farming. Click HERE to listen to the show (warning: Greenhorns were often cut off for commercial breaks, resulting in many incomplete thoughts.)



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200 episodes on greenhorns radio!

Greenhorns Radio is radio for young farmers, by young farmers. Hosted by acclaimed activist, farmer and film-maker Severine v T Fleming, Greenhorn Radio is a weekly phone interview with next generation farmers and ranchers, surveying the issues critical to their success. We hold no punches. Greenhorns is a six year old grassroots cultural organization with a mission to recruit, promote and support young farmers in America by producing media, events and stunts that connect and and inspire.

Click HERE to listen! New shows air Tuesdays at 4pm EST.

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let’s have more farmer radio, please!

This book, co-written by Ira Glass and Jessica Abel will tell you how.

Radio: An Illustrated Guide gives you an inside look at how This American Life is made. But even better, it’s a step-by-step primer on how to make a radio story. The book includes detail on where we find our stories, how to structure a story, how to do an interview, how to hold the microphone, how to edit sound, how to write a script…really everything you’d need to get started. It’s 32 black-and-white pages long, with appropriately fancy color covers, and was drawn by cartoonist Jessica Abel and written by Jessica and Ira Glass.

Don’t forget to listen to Greenhorn Radio every Thursday on the Heritage Radio Network.

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a back to the lander reflects.

Alex Smith, who recently interviewed Severine on his show Radio Ecoshock, shared these thoughts with us.  You can listen to that interview HERE

The Radio Ecoshock interview went very well.  It took me back to old times. When I went to the Algonquin Park area of Ontario (Canada), there were about 400 people, many of them artists and artisans, who had gone “back to the land”. I was part of 7 people who purchased 200 acres of run-down farm and bush for $11,000.  There was practically no employment in the area.  The growing season was short, and soil rich – but generating stones every Spring.  So many stones, that former farmers built stone walls around all of the cleared fields (about 40 acres) about three feet high, and just as wide.  I took out 40 tons of stone for the chimney in the center of our house, without making the slightest dint in the piles. Continue reading

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A Food Chain Radio Release from METROFARM.COM

The Federal Government has admitted to discriminating against black farmers and taxpayers must now pay $1,250,000,000 to make good. These reparations lead us to ask…
Can a lender discriminate without discriminating?
This Saturday at 9am Pacific, Michael Olson’s Food Chain Radio hosts Carl Horowitz from the National Legal and Policy Center for a conversation about reparations.

Topics include why government confessed to discrimination in its lending to black farmers; who will get the $1.25 Billion dollars; and what future impact these reparations might have for taxpayers.

Listen on your radio, computer or IPOD: Food Chain Radio

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heritage radio network

just a shout out to the network that is home to our greenhorns radio show (every thursday!)

No matter where you are, you can listen online to lots of great programs.  including:

Cutting the Curd with Anne Saxelby
If there is one thing Anne Saxelby knows, its cheese. Cutting the Curd, heard every other Sunday on HRN, finds Anne disseminating that dairy know-how to the listening public. Every episode also includes guests from the world of dairy, ranging from historians to farmers, chefs to cheese mongers, all engaging in dairy discourse so that you might gain a better understanding (and a better block) of this thing we call cheese. Continue reading


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