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tell better stories


Submission Deadline for the latest issue of The Dark Mountain Project is May 30th. This issue’s theme is technology.

The Project describes itself as “committed to publishing original writing and art which touches on the themes of our work. We are not interested in whether you are famous or unknown. We are particularly interested in new writers. We are looking for innovative, challenging, brave writing and art, which responds to the challenge that Dark Mountain lays down – to find new stories, and new ways of telling them. However – before you submit anything for one of our books, please read the guidelines below, so you know what we do and what we’re looking for.

View submission guidelines here.

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merry merry men and maidens of the forest of dean

beet the bullly

Despite the brutish encroach of bailiffs and foresters, farming activists in the UK continue to squat the 40 acres of Yorkley Court Community Farm. Since 2012, forty or so residents have established a biodynamic farm and off-grid settlement of treehouses, greenhouses, and a “sphere of high energy improbability” in the Gloucestershire woodlands.

By all accounts, the rightful owners of the property died in the 1800s leaving no clear heirs to the land. The land had been largely neglected until 2012, when the activists set up shop. This past year, the solicitor trustees sold the land out from under them to a local business man who’d like to evict the residents of Yorkley Court and develop the woodland. Residents have no intention to yield to pressure to leave.

“Many protest sites see people parachute in for a purpose, the land isn’t quite so important,” says resident and unofficial spokesperson Frank White, “We have a connection to the land, one which is shared with the community. We’re taking unused land and living off grid. We’re not anti-this, or anti-that, we’re creating a new form of society, one that is healthy, one that can survive.”

Read the original article here and follow developments at the Yorkley Court Community Farm Facebook page.

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launch of farmhack uk in gloucestershire!

On Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April 2015 The Landworkers Alliance will be hosting the first ever FarmHack event outside of North America at Ruskin Mill Farm, Gloucestershire, UK. The event will bring together farmers, growers, fabricators, engineers and IT programmers to demonstrate and share tools, skills and ideas. Over the two days there will be field demonstrations, practical workshops, seminars, entertainment, good food, local ale and a stomping ceilidh. 

FarmHack is a community of farmers and growers developing appropriate tools for small scale ecological farming. It was co-founded by The Greenhorns, Greenstart, and The National Young Farmers Colation in the U.S. in 2010 and has since held regular events to bring the community together on farms and in workshops across the USA. FarmHack is founded on the principles of open source technology meaning that tools and techniques are also shared and developed on the online forum

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137ac outsider artist collective in london

Check out our friend Annatina’s outsider artist collective, based in London, UK!

image via

Here’s what they say about themselves:

“137AC is a group of outsider, self taught artists consisting of painters, sculptors, writers, photographers and film makers. Our goal is to develop our talent to a professional level outside of sheltered workshops. We want to shape a rotating collaborative space where our ideas can materialize and reach the public. We are starting out small in a building already engaged in creative activities, including theater, hackers, beekeepers, up-cyclers, scientific research and roof gardening. There is opportunity to expand our space and welcome new members to our original group of 10 artists. As a collective we will support and challenge each other to explore our creativity to its limits.”

Learn more at their website HERE.

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glos farming

“This isn’t old school farming when we’re working our land
We sell our own produce with till in hand”

Young “sheep doggy dogg” farmer on his countryside rap
WOULD the real Ben Morton please stand up?
Young farmer Ben, who works for Hillworth Farm Meats, has switched pitchfork for microphone to rap about the delights of the Gloucestershire countryside.

The young butcher, 20, a self-styled Sheep Doggy Dogg raps about the best produce on offer from Gloucestershire farms. Inspired by the Yeo Valley TV advert, and written by head of events for Gloucestershire Media Emma Samways, the young farmers are winning rave reviews. But they say there is a serious side to their musical efforts.

“I’m more famous for singing country songs, so this was a bit different. We had to tweak the lyrics so they made sense, but they turned out ok. A lot of farmers are struggling at the moment so we wanted to help promote our produce.”


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