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reclaim our food system action, uk



Join the Landworkers’ Alliance (LWA) as we celebrate Via Campesina’s International day of Peasant Struggle:  Meet Wednesday April 29th, outside the Bury St Edmunds Railway Station, 1pm. March to the British Sugar factory with song, dance and a vision of a healthy food system! We will be joined by U.S. activist & performer Reverend Billy and his gospel choir!

Last year the LWA took our message to DEFRA, this year we are targeting British Sugar PLC to expose the inequality and problems inherent in our industrial food system. Government support of big agri-businesses, like British Sugar PLC, threatens the health of our communities and the quality of our environment. And we’re subsidizing exactly the wrong sort of agriculture. Continue reading

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remind yourself about the m.s.t.

Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) in Portuguese, is a mass social movement, formed by rural workers and by all those who want to fight for land reform and against injustice and social inequality in rural areas.

Learn more about them on the website:
Friends of the MST (English) 
MST website (Portugese)

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support peasant farmers in Bangladesh

A worthy cause, and it doesn’t take much to chip in. 15 days left in this crowdfunding campaign.


Blankets for Farmers

To buy blankets for farmers in Bengladesh affected by climate change
A blanket can save and give comfort to one life

Bangladesh, a South Asian densely populated country with the number of 160 million is seriously affected by global climate change. Amidst multi-faceted impacts of climate change on Bangladesh, the change in season circle is one of those which result in untimely chilly cold, whereby almost every year the people living in the north and south are bitterly hit.  Last consecutive two years elderly and children in the north died due to so cold which they were not used to, meaning the intensity of cold is higher than the cold people are known to for years. Last year the temperature went down below 2 degree Celsius in one point in the country which is the record of the history in memory. The temperature in the places where people started to die, went to below 6 degree Celsius.  The year before 8 people in the northern part of Bangladesh died as they were not prepared with the sufficient warm cloths which they need to cope with such a chilly cold.   Continue reading

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the premio daniel carasso international prize is calling for applications


The international prize called the Premio Daniel Carasso aims to reward an international renowned research scientist who, through cross-disciplinary researches, has innovative and realistic approaches in order to develop “sustainable food and diets for long-term human health”.

The Premio is open to scientists working in fundamental or applied research in nutrition, food studies, food technology and sciences, agriculture, agronomy, fishing and fish-farming, agro-ecology, ecology, biodiversity, environmental sciences, sociology, anthropology, economics, farming food nutrition policy and all other subjects related to sustainable food.

Applicants have to submit their entries on line, in English, between the 1st of April and the 30th of June 2014.

Research work submitted should:

  •  Contribute to the emergence of sustainable food system;
  •  Incorporate at least 2 of the 4 pillars of sustainability that are environment, society, economics and nutrition;
  •  Combine different disciplines and bring together previously separate fields of enquiry;
  •  Enjoy international recognitions. The applicants should have written widely about their work in international and national reviews (at least five publication) and have spoken at international scientific events.

To apply or simply find out more, visit

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land for food

For any young farmers with the ability to travel, this would be a great experience. unnamed

As part of its biennial conferences, IUFN is happy to invite you to a new international workshop, LAND FOR FOOD. It will address a central question : How can we reconcile land use policies with local food policies? 

Held over two days in the heart of Paris, the LAND FOR FOOD provisional program is build on interaction. It will start with an Open forum the will invite participants to deconstruct some commonly held beliefs and to discuss together ‘Land for food by 2050’ foresight scenarios designed with our partners. On the second day, you are invited to take part in multi-disciplinary co-design workshops, resolutely oriented towards practical innovation around  arable land preservation, rural-urban linkages or urban farming potential as well as policy tools such as food flow analysis or food sensitive planning.

JOIN other local authorities, local decision-makers, and international researchers for this unique occasion to design together the future of local food policies for urban regions.

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a dairy on the move

This farmer in Suffolk  has moved her innovative dairy, using crowdfunder to make it happen.  She runs a small, commercial dairy with suckling calves.  Take note, follow her work, and pitch in if you can!

Fiona Provan’s Calf at Foot Dairy in Suffolk is unique and very special. Fiona’s small herd of 100% pasture-fed Jersey cows produce fabulous raw milk, as well as pasture-fed veal and beef.  But that isn’t all. The cows at the Calf at Foot Dairy keep their precious calves who are then gently weaned far older than usually happens in the dairy industry, keeping both mum and calf happy. Compassion is the watchword at The Calf at Foot Dairy and the taste of the raw milk and pasture-fed veal and beef from the happy herd is second to none! The Calf at Foot Dairy herd is 11 milking cows and their calves, including the beautiful Bluebell and her two month old calves Forrest and Gump.

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mission to brazil

The Movimento dos Trabalhdores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) will be holding its Sixth Congress in February, 2014 amidst its celebration 6th Congress Bannerof 30 years of struggle for agrarian reform, social justice and democracy. The movement’s 2 million members have spent the last year preparing, debating and discussing in preparation for this historic gathering. Mobilizing 15,000 movement leaders in the capitol Brasilia, the MST will gather to debate and discuss the challenges and next steps in building a more just and equitable Brazil.

The MST is a global leader of social movements of the poor through its leadership in various international movement networks such as Via Campesina International.  In the last 30 years, MST has reclaimed 17 million acres of land, which is equivalent to the size of Uruguay. The MST’s Sixth National Congress is a space for celebration, exchange and learning for movement leaders around the world. Continue reading


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