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scientific american chimes in on beyonce’s “formation”

Beyoncé’s “Formation” makes many statements about social and political realities in the U.S., but song and video perhaps speak especially strongly to black women in academia.

Truly, Formation by Beyoncé is the hype track of Black Women everywhere, but Academia is such a special place that I feel it has an especially stark meaning to those of us roaming the hallowed halls of higher education. Let me break it down for you. Lyrics in italics.

Y’all haters corny with that illuminati mess

1. Often when black women in academia speak out against the intersectional injustices we endure, unsupportive colleagues and wobbly allies are quick to tell us we are whining or making things up. Gaslighting is the oldest deflection tactic in the book.

Paparazzi, catch my fly, and my cocky fresh

2. If we dare show any spunk or “sassiness” or what I like to call simply personality then we have to navigate a minefield of mumbles & microaggressions all because some folks who can’t handle ALL of the FABULOUSNESS we serve!

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the civilian conservation corps

The October 1929 crash of the American stock market ushered in a major economic depression that would effect nearly every US citizen. The hardest hit were unemployed young men and returning World War I veterans. One out of four employable people (a 25% unemployment rate), estimated to be 12 to 15 million, lost their major source(s) of income. Their family homes and farms were lost due to failure to meet mortgage payments.

When FDR took office on March 4, 1933, he found his administration dealing with millions of idle young men that were unemployed, would soon be on welfare or potentially become criminals. Thus, the Civilian Conservation Corps was born. Today’s efforts are seen in State and National Parks nationwide.

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the grain divide

The Grain Divide is a cinematic journey into the most debated food issues of our day. The film began as an unbiased, journalistic pursuit of real answers to growing concerns with modern wheat and grains. Theories suggesting the elimination of what has been our most basic food for thousands of years triggered a passionate curiosity and mission. The film originally began as a 22 minute short with the working title “Rise of the Grains”. It turned into what would become a feature length, 3 year project across 10 of the United States.

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sandra simone, rural farmer, jazz singer

Sandra Simone of Talladega County, Ala., is an award-winning organic farmer who used to be a jazz singer in the San Francisco Bay Area. “It took many years for my husband’s words — ‘We need to own our ancestors’ land’ — to click,” Simone said. “All I wanted was to get out of rural Alabama as a teenager. I never thought I’d return, let alone own land and farm it, organically and sustainably.” Read more here

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rockstar of southern california

Evan Marks – Local Legendz

We all have a vague sense that humans have a negative impact on the environment, but many of us push the thought to the backs of our minds and continue on with our days. When Evan Marks made that realization, he decided it was time to do something about it. Once he started getting involved in things like Surfrider Foundation, he learned that agriculture is a leading cause of pollution in the ocean and that’s when he got into sustainable agriculture. In this video, he takes us on a tour of The Ecology Center, his farm and resource “hut” in Orange County. He shows us that amazing things can happen when you “plant a seed of good intention,” and for that, he’s a Local Legend.

After you watch the video, head on over to to learn more about what they do and get involved in some of their upcoming events.



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