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Rooted in Reason

Food Less Traveled

Rooted in Reason

The talented photographer and videographer Simon Koda has started a new video series on eco-villages called Rooted in Reason. The series is an intimate portrayal of life in eco-villages and on sustainable farms across Europe. Simon brings out the personal side of quaint villages and farmsteads by immersing himself in these inspiring places and plunging into the depths of their stories on a level that is not often seen. Each episode forces the viewer to explore their own impact on the environment and their place in the world.

Check out the first episode to see an interesting take on local food in Sweden.

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“Independent Science”- Code Name for Genetic Engineering?

The Prying Mantis

By Elizabeth Henderson

At one of the public brainstorming sessions for the NY Organic Action Plan, an organic farmer made an impassioned plea for support for “independent science” and told us that with 8.5 billion mouths to feed by 2050, we will need genetic engineering to prevent starvation.

I would like to examine these words carefully to decipher what they mean, how those words are used by this farmer and by others, and suggest what NOFA’s response should be as an organization promoting local organic farming and food.

What is the meaning of independent science? As policy co-chair for the NOFA-NY Board, I have been an active participant in the coalition that is campaigning to pass GMO labeling legislation for NYS. In this capacity, I have spoken at public meetings, to the press and on radio interviews.  A question that I have heard from proponents of biotechnology is “why do…

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maine: dandelion wine making workshop

Dandelion Wine Workshop:

Want to figure out what to do with all of those dandelion petals in your yard? Make wine with them! In Harpswell, Maine, there will be an instructional workshop on how to turn your dandelion petals into wine. Each participant will leave with a 5 gallon wine bucket and airlock containing gallons of future dandelion wine!

  • Saturday, May 21, 2016 Time: 2:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Location: 286 Allen Point Road, Harpswell, ME
  • Cost: $50.00 per person ($25.00 deposit required)
    (Cash or checks payable “Stone Soup Institute”)
  • Wine samples will be available. 
  • To register call 207-833-2884

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need more acres: great farm name, sweet video

Need More Acres farm owners Nathan and Michelle discuss the necessity of diversified vegetable farms and increasing food access. This is a beautiful and heart-felt little video about a family passionate about the work that they do: providing a multi-farm CSA to 35 families; organizing a community market to make more food available in their region; and engaging in the slow, sometimes tedious, but ultimately critical work of reforming our food system from the roots up.

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greenhorns releases: MANIFESTA!

We are so proud of this awesome collaboration. If you’ve been wondering how a maritime art stunt fits into the mission of an organization that supports farmers (I mean, talk about your landlubbers!), this publication is for you! Manifesta lays out the story, history, discourse, and activism behind the Maine Sail Freight project last summer! The un-monograph is a fun and galvanizing read, and we think it is going to make a real believer out of you!

This is a story about a group of young farmers staging a pageant-like protest about the terms of trade in our agricultural economy, and the nature of transportation and exchange within that model.

It’s an elaborate stunt, invoking colonial history and the maritime ex- traction economy of coastal Maine as a platform for discourse on a more regional, more prosperous, and more diverse food economy for the future.

We claim the ocean as an ally and a commons—a venue to imagine what a world where 60% of the retail price goes to the farmer, and view- point from which to watch the farmers of the region operate, and co-oper- ate to circulate wealth and add value. We raise a flag for food sovereignty on the mast of our sail boat.

We are not content to labor where 70% of the agricultural work is performed by those without citizenship. We are not content to operate
in a high-volume, low-value commodity extraction economy. We are not content to be silent while our nation negotiates yet more free trade agree- ments freeing only those at the top of the capitalist slag heap and chaining the rest of us to their terms.

This project is our retort!


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