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kiva zip is crowdfunding for their 100th us farmer!

Over the past two years, our lending community has loaned $648,800 to small farmers in support of local food economies across the United States. Most amazingly, agricultural loans still have the highest repayment rates of any type of business on Kiva Zip.

If you want to join the excitement and you, or a farmer you know, would like to crowdfund a loan this Fall, start here at the farmer borrower portal.

To join the party as a lender, check out any of the 16 farmers currently fundraising on Kiva Zip.  To date, we’ve successfully funded every single farmer.

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gmo labeling proposal shot down by safeway shareholders

…due to a lack of scientific evidence from anti-GMO activists, who were labeled as fearmongers.

“In the face of all of the uncontroverted scientific evidence that GMOs are safe, the proponent of the GMO-labeling proposal had the temerity to tell Safeway’s shareholders that no long-term scientific evidence exists to show that GMO foods are safe,” noted Danhof. “This is beyond willful ignorance. Some anti-GMO activists are shameless in their attempt to advance their agenda.”Click to read more—>

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longhouse food revival 2014!


This annual gathering is the Woodstock of food—an intense, weekend symposium designed to raise the bar on how food stories are told and to connect generations of food-inspired artists, writers, web producers, documentary filmmakers, and broadcasters. Every year, LongHouse focuses on a single story to create a multi-media Pop-Up Food Magazine that allows participants to experience state-of-the-art food stories in short, documentary films, live interviews, photography, music, radio broadcast, spoken word, fine art, web-based mapping, and hands-on cooking.

LongHouse 2014 delves into the intersection of culture and agriculture in the American Midwest with a series of unexpected stories, presentations, and performances. To learn more about this event, CLICK HERE!


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