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a worthy project

Annie’s Flower Farm.  Give it a boost! GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I grew up on a 360 acre farm on the Southern Oregon Coast, a sixth generation Oregon farm girl. As a child, I helped my mother with the garden and the chickens. My mother loved growing flowers.

When I was eight, I started my own small herd of grass fed beef cows with a calf my father gave me to raise. As a teenager I helped my father truck farm lettuce and carrots. I used the money from the cows to travel in Europe and the Middle East for eight months when I was 18.

I worked on a Kibbutz in Israel for three months, a much more diversified farm than the one I had grown up on. Back in Oregon, I worked with a start up workers collective for five years planting trees in forests around the Pacific Northwest. In Alaska where my kids were born, I was partners in a salmon fishing operation. Being entrepreneurial has been a way of life for me, cultivated by my father when he gave me that first calf to raise.

Farming and organic gardening have been a lifelong passion. When my kids and I moved from Oregon to France and then to Maine, I followed the local farming movements. Along the way I took college classes and got my degree in Communication and Public Relations. Over the next fifteen years, I worked with nonprofits.

Today, I am living one of my dreams and working as a flower farmer. My middle name is Anna, so I named the business Annie’s Flower Farm.

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get hands-on training as a farmer in beautiful vermont!


Rolling admission is now open on UVM’s Farmer Training Program! This is a 6-month, hands-on program (May 4 – October 30, 2015) for aspiring farmers and food systems advocates that provides an experiential, skill-based education in sustainable farming. Students in this program get a unique and comprehensive education by running the 10-acre Catamount Educational Farm from seed to market, learning from expert farmers and educators in the classroom and by working alongside successful, inspiring farmers in the Burlington area. Participants leave with a Certificate in Sustainable Farming from UVM, a deeper understanding of agricultural management and small-scale farming, the entrepreneurial skills to start their own operation and a network of incredible people to support them along the way.

The UVM Farmer Training Program is now accepting applications until November 14 for early admission to the 2015 cohort! (After that admission will be rolling until spots and the waitlist are filled.) Apply now to join an incredible group of students for six months of sustainable farming and food systems education. Continue reading

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2011 US glyphosate (roundup) usage: graphic and statistics

Glyphosate use in 2011Source

Glyphosate is the chemical name for “Roundup,” which is now sold in many non-Monsanto, non-Roundup formulations.
Statistics for Glyphosate usage in the USA:
Roundup Ready crops – glyphosate-treated acres
Corn and soybeans: 160 million acres
Cotton: 9-10 million acres
Sugarbeets and canola together: 2 to 3 million acres
Alfalfa: about 6 million acre
Total about 180 million acres
Major non-Roundup Ready crops:
Wheat: 20 million acres
Summer fallow: 7-8 million acres
Sorghum: 2-3 million acres.
Rice: 1 million acres
Total about 30 million acres

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talking chadwick

More than thirty years after his death, people still refer to Alan Chadwick in the present tense, a fascinating testament to the power of his personality and ideas. It is challenging, perhaps even foolhardy, to attempt to capture this complex man – such a huge person and influence – in a few web pages. 

The Talking Chadwick program features memories of pioneering organic gardener and teacher Alan Chadwick. You’ll discover stories by and about Chadwick apprentices and colleagues, both in audio clips and written narratives.

Click HERE to learn stories from Alan Chadwick’s gardening communities!


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