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new radio show

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out of minneapolis. you can listen online, and soon will be able to download podcasts.

Sunday, December 20th, from 6-7 pm Central time. From that point on, a new episode of the show will be available for download as a podcast or webisode every other week or so — the show is still evolving, so the format and timing may change.

This Sunday’s episode will feature an interview with JoAnne Berkenkamp, Director of the Local Foods Program at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (, and music from The Field of Medicine, featuring members of Easy Bean Farm ( and Coyote Grange Farm.  In addition, the show will be filmed by local filmmaker Dave Deal, and I will be putting some footage on the Localicious website so you’ll be able to see what the show is like in addition to hearing it!

Listen live by tuning in to KFAI from 6-7 pm Central time this Sunday at 90.3 FM Mpls/106.7 FM St. Paul, listen live online at, or listen to the archived show once it’s aired by going to and clicking on the “Listen Now” button next to the show listing for 12/20/10.

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