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learn about the history and anthropology of mead with this awesome mead-zine

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Check out this awesome zine about making mead sent to us by our friend Jonathan Tanis. It starts with an introduction contextualising fermentation as a political act which is both democratizing and embraces the commons, bubbling away with “unrealized possibility” for forming human connections and alliances. It then moves on to explain the historical and anthropological contexts of mead making. Humans have been consuming honey for nearly 9,000 years and mead has featured heavily throughout our civilizations. Naturally there are also instructions and a recipe for brewing your own mead at home!

This is a fascinating and inspiring read full of history, art, poetry and politics, and as the authors say, in this time of global strife and agitation, make mead, not war.

If you or somebody you know is an artist, poet, academic or farmer, and would like to  get involved with future Culture & Agriculture or Agropunk zines, please contact Jonathan at

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our new favorite greeting cards


The feminist farmers round these parts are pretty darn excited about these “I Look Like a Farmer” greeting cards. Inspired by photographs from the Female Farmer Project and designed by artist and author Anna Brones, processed from these cards go to support female farmers through Kiva and Women, Food and Agriculture Network.

This fabulous stationary is brought to you from the people behind Comestible Journal, a seasonal quarterly zine that describes itself as “Part food narrative, part food guide, part cookbook, this is a journal devoted to real food.”

You can learn more about the journal, peruse the online shop, and order the greetings cards here!


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young farmer zine!


We are currently working on a zine-guide for beginning farmers to hand out at our young farmer’s conference/rabbit roast festivities in July and would love your input!

Swimming in the masses of resources out there, we would like to hone in on common obstacles that growers and ranchers face when starting their journey into the roots of food production and provide effective resources for tackling these barriers. Let’s learn from each other’s hardships! So, this is a call for any reflections you would like to share on your start up experiences.

Topics in the guide include:

•    Apprenticeships/Mentorships/Farmer Ed
•    Access to Land: how to get some… (farmlinks, farm on programs, incubator farms)
•    Capitalization of Small Diversified Operations: (getting and managing it) available loans, grants, decision and budget making tools
•    Getting started: (seeds, crops, soil, pest management, livestock, staying updated on ag news/conditions)
•    Marketing the Food- csa’s, organic certification, direct marketing, farmers markets
•    Annotated list of Major Farming Info clearinghouse sites
•    Farm Models
•    Urban Agriculture models/orgs
•    Big Picture: Food and Farm Policy, incentives and our vision for an edible future

If you would like to reflect on a particular section that would be great; general reflections are welcome too!

Please e-mail your reflections to

Thanks for your help!