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woman power: home to cameroon’s sustainable farming movement


Check out Woman Power, an organization started by Cameroon locals Victor (above) and Betty Kubia.

NW Cameroon is a particularly hardworking agricultural region where 90% of the farmers are women and revolution is in the air.

In this region, a culture of chemical farming (imposed during the green revolution) has created a longstanding degenerative cycle for soil health and the nutritional quality of vegetables. As it stands, many women are obligated after so many years to purchase expensive, synthetic products to even get a yield. As one woman from the town of Bafut in NW Cameroon says: “the harvest I get is not enough to pay for the fertilizers and then feed my family of seven and also pay tuition and buy school materials for my children.”

The Kubia’s seek to build the Woman Power Training Center on their own land just outside of Bamenda City strategically close to the three villages of Bafut, Ndu, and Santa. Here nearly 600 women will have access to hands-on workshops on soil health, composting, crop rotation, cover cropping, fallow cultivation as well as many traditional methods. One such method is forming the crescent moon shaped beds that are ideal for handling some 400″ of rain per month during the rainy season.

If you are interested in being a supporting member of this project you have two options!

  1. You may email Andrew at to join their emailing campaign
  2. You may click HERE to learn more about Woman Power and then Donate at least $10 to support building a Woman Power Training Center for alternative agriculture.

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joining the ranks – new food to bank on farmers

Five beginning farmers selected for training and mentorship project
Bellingham, WA – A variety of new farmers are setting forth on their business ventures through the Food To Bank On project.

Housed within the Sustainable Connections‘ Food & Farming Program, Food To Bank On connects sustainable farmers with less than three years of experience with seasoned mentor farmers, business planning classes and pays them wholesale rates to deliver a small portion of food to a local food bank or shelter.

With a growing demand for locally raised meats, three new farmer participants will be direct selling meats such as chicken, pork and beef. Leah VanderStoep and Randall Reinders will be in their second year of grass-fed beef production in 2011 and hope to raise their herd from 12 to 40 head of cattle in the coming year. Continue reading