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reverend billy targeted by the new york police

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Greenhorns —

Most of you know that I have been targeted by the New York police.  It’s a dispiriting turn of events, but after traveling to Ferguson twice last fall, the second time with the Stop Shopping Choir, I shouldn’t be surprised at what’s happened.

But I am surprised.  Hand-cuffed in mid-speech in Grand Central Terminal, then lied about in the press – yes I am surprised and disappointed.  The people who said that our mayor “has blood on his hands” after a completely crazy person shot two police-men – these spokespersons for police are simply dangerous.  They use the Murdoch press against people and slander is their bill in trade.

When I found in the papers that I “attacked a policeman” –  I looked at my four year old daughter Lena and then I went to the window and looked at my neighborhood.  I have police families who live nearby and they are reading that I attacked one their own?  Even without witnesses, videotape evidence or even the willingness of the District Attorney to press charges – they would endanger me in this way.  And now Lena has nightmares…

It’s a wonder that I’ve been an activist for so long without this kind entrapment.  Maybe the humor and music in our approach to protest has protected me. Ultimately, I’ll grow from this. Our singing activism will be braver.  

And Choir has been wonderful.  I’m so lucky to have these friends.  And many of you have reached out to us.  Thank you. 

Here is my new Freakstorm, Radical Forgiveness in Grand Slander Station.  


P.S. Anyone who wishes to know more about our lawsuit against New York City authorities for violation of free speech and defamation, please contact Marnie Glickman at or 415-259-7121. Likewise anyone who wishes to inquire about future protests against police violence.

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The latest from Rev. Billy!


We’re swarming at Times Square and Harvard University and Monsanto – a corporation that drenches the land with bee-killing pesticides and GMO crops.  We returned last night from Cambridge, where we confronted designers of the Robobee, the robot slated to replace the Honey Bee as the real bee slides into extinction.Watch the new video of our Robobee exorcism at Harvard.

ROBOEE VS. REVEREND BILLY.   The Robobee lab in Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) is exorcised by New York’s Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, who are dressed up as queen bees and sing a song in honor of the threatened Honey Bee.  The Robobee would replace the Honey Bee with the capacity for artificial pollination.  It is likely that the drone-makers (DARPA) at the Pentagon are also looking to use the science developed in this lab.  (The lead scientist at the Micro-Robotics Lab is a DARPA fellow.)  The Stop Shopping Choir left at the display case full of Robobee prototypes, fruits and vegetables that are pollinated by the Honey Bee.

Sunday, May 4th, we open The HoneyBeeLujah Show at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York City.   Our “Fabulous Saint” this first Sunday is beekeeper Joseph McElroy, an urban farmer from the Bronx.

Directed by Savitri D., with Music Director Nehemiah Luckett, the performances will feature the 40-member Stop Shopping Choir, fronted by yours truly, and accompanied by the five-piece Not Buying It Band.  We have eight consecutive shows on Sundays at 2pm – with activist events during the week.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at or 212.967.7555.  Discounts are available, too, if you contact us

Will you join us?  Will you shout out to your friends and family in New York?  Spread the good word on your electronic networks on the web.  Here is the Facebook link to The HoneyBeeLujah! Show.  We’d also be honored if you followed and retweeted us @RevBillyTalen.




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reverend billy in san francisco

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2014 – 6:00PM – 8:00PM
1) First, a fulminating Apocalypse by the Pastor of the Church of Stop Shopping
2) …followed by an ever so incisive Q & A period led by Savitri D
3) …and general partying between the boats and at the renowned bar

Please reserve your place today by emailing

We only have a capacity of 85.  The plate will be passed or you can make a tax-deductible contribution today to reserve your spot. 

Your donation benefits the work of Reverend Billy and Savitri D’s non-profit organization.

Rev Billy and Savitri D are visiting from New York, after staging invasions of big banks by extinct amphibians, namely the climate change-killed Golden Toad. Stop Shopping Choir members wore the enamel orange toad-hats with the shiny toad-eyes, sang songs, and handed out information connecting Chase’s investments to the Earth crisis. Continue reading

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rev billy at joe’s pub

Reverend Billy

Reverend Billy is kicking off the campaign to stand up to Chase bank’s threat to have him thrown in jail for a year, all because he and his choir spoke for the now extinct GOLDEN TOADS at one of Chase’s branches in NYC. should be a raucous affair. Tix $15.
Visit the Event Site

Check out the FACEBOOK EVENT  and SIGN THE PETITION Continue reading