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the earth works project

The Earth Works Project is a documentary theater piece about the members of the community-supported garden at Genesis Farm in Blairstown, New Jersey.

A blurb from their indiegogo page:
Hey! Katie & Whitney here, coming to you from the farmlands of New Jersey (The Garden State!). We are theater makers on a mission to share the stories of people who are a part of the growing agricultural movement. Our new documentary theater piece weaves together the experiences and perspectives of the members of one of the oldest organic farm CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) in the United States.

We feel we are in the midst of a shift, within our nation and our world. At this time, many are becoming curious about how their food is produced, reevaluating their relationships to precious natural resources, and reexamining their personal lifestyles. Many people are seeking alternatives, a more sustainable way of life. Earth Works aims to share stories of those courageous individuals (and a community!) who are acting upon their curiosities, questions, and longings for a lifestyle honoring community and land.

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cattle & sheep manager

Double Brook Farm is seeking a cattle and sheep manager for our Grass-fed Beef/Lamb operation.


We use sustainable and intensive rotational farming methods and are dedicated to sustainable, humane, earth friendly practices. The mission of Double Brook Farm is to provide the best-tasting local food to the community in the most responsible and sustainable manner possible.  This position includes the management of the cow/calf operation and the sheep operation as well as the management of the pastures and hay production.   Some of our cattle/sheep reside together in a ‘flerd’.  This is a salaried position starting at $45,000 a year with an increase in pay with the opening of the market.  After three months you will receive health insurance.  Once your position becomes fully your own you will work towards a profit sharing percentage from all parts of the farm.  For more information about the farm please visit our website at and contact:

Responsibilities include:

  1. Managing the care of the cattle (rotational intensive grazing, winter feeding, health care, genetics) Continue reading

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seeking farm worker – skillman, NJ

Great Road Farm in Skillman, NJ is looking for a farm worker for the 2013 growing season.  We produce a wide diversity of vegetables, pasture raised chickens for eggs, and have future projects in the works.  Five acres are fenced in with a half acre of permanent raised beds for intensive production. Our fertility management uses compost, cover crop, and crop rotation to keep our land productive.  We practice organic procedures, however are not certified.

Our farm will produce vegetables and livestock products for Agricola, a new restaurant opening in downtown Princeton, NJ. The farm and restaurant is owned by Jim Nawn, which will bring the freshest food to the local community. We will also be developing a small CSA and attend local markets.

We are looking for someone with at least 1 year experience in agriculture. The position starts in March 2013 with varied hours working with the season, which can range from 30 to 50 hours per week. The ability to due physical work outdoors through all weather conditions is expected. A positive hardworking attitude goes a long way on a small farm! Continue reading

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for your resource list! mobile slaughter unit


Traveling Butcher

The Traveling Butcher is a mobile slaughterhouse designed to serve the local farming community within a 50-60 mile range from downtown Hopewell, NJ. The slaughterhouse provides a reasonably-priced solution to the question many local farmers have: how am I going to get my animals slaughtered in the most humane way?

The Traveling Butcher goes from farm to farm to slaughter the animals. Continue reading

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museum to close

“Due to financial restrictions the Board of Trustees has voted to begin the closing process” of the New Jersey Museum of Agriculture.

We need a patron to come along and preserve this collection of agricultural artifacts otherwise they will leave the public sphere and wander back into the collections of fanciers: we need those plow tips to be open source.

Email them, urge them to be public with their process and their inventory.