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real leaders lovin climate


In the age of twitter leadership and instagram bill signings occasionally we see something that’s worth mention.

The Swedish government has just signed a new climate action plan that commits to phasing out greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2045. Really no need to contrast that historic decision with the likes of which we have been seeing here on US soil. In fact let’s leave it to a photo which, as we know, seem to say a lot more than words these days. In the above picture Isabelle Lovin, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister, is signing the bill surrounded by her all female staff.

I don’t know, let’s just close with #realleadership

check this article out for inspiration.



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amazing gigs, every week

Young farmers, or farmer wives or farmers boyfriends — seems like some of us are going to have to get dirty in the office– leadership is needed all over.
Here’s one opportunity:
The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) is looking for an Executive Director. The organization is searching for an inspiring and visionary leader to advance its goals. The successful candidate will have a commitment to organic agriculture, to increasing the availability and affordability of locally produced organic food, and to building strong communities and a safe environment. Continue reading