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two rivers tells the tale of indigenous tribes defending america’s most important rivers from industry


credit: Todd Darling

1,500 miles apart, two rivers flow. One alongside rolling hills and blue skies of the North Dakota high plains, the other tumbles past volcanoes, down narrow gorges, and through rugged mountain terrain. Beyond the distance and difference that separates these rivers is a similar story that begins over 500 hundred years ago, with their shared outcomes projecting us into our collective fate in the next century.

From the maker of “Occupy the Farm”, which premiered premiered two years ago this week at the United Artists Berkeley 7 Theater, comes a new documentary “Two Rivers” which tells the tale of the Missouri and Klamath Rivers and the indigenous tribes who fight to defend their waters from outside industries. Director and producer Todd Darling spent ten weeks camped out at Standing Rock near the Missouri River, and nearly as long traveling up and down the gorges of the Klamath River to make this film. A lot has been accomplished, but he and his team still have some production to complete and editing to move forward. Continue reading

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the small farmers journal sends their thanks


We’ve received news from Lynn and the team at The Small Farmers Journal that their kickstarter campaign to get the 161’st and 162nd edition to print has been a resounding success.

The publication is rare mix in slowtech know-how and informed, irreverant editorials – all set alongside beautiful photos and artifacts from agricultural history.

If you’re not familiar with it, we suggest popping by their newfangled (almost as nice as the publication) website, where you can pick up your own copy of the journal.


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get the small farmers journal back on its feet… or, er, presses

We post Kickstarters all the time over here at the Greenhorns Blog, and we mean it when we say that we are excited about them all (such an amazing amount of creative and NECESSARY work going on out there), but there are few Kickstarter campaigns that are as near and dear to our heart as this one. For the last 40 years, the Small Farmers Journal has given voice to the small independent family farm, publishing pieces that honor both the traditions and innovations of small-scale farming. Somewhere in my closet of precious things, is an edition that a friend found for me in a thrift store that– though it is older than I am– is bursting with that sort of advice that is never out of style. In fact, it taught me half of what I know about pruning.

These days there is a wealth of hip publications with glossy photos that report on farms, but SFJ is one of the pioneers of grassroots agricultural journalism, and there still just ain’t nothing else like it, folks! (Well, except maybe the New Farmer’s Almanac… the new edition, by the way, is now available!) Point is, that the new agrarian movement has a lot to thank this publication for. As the journal describes itself, “Supported 100% by its readership, this folksy and feisty publication, a true clarion of free speech in the best old sense of the phrase, is a vibrant and exciting platform for engaging far-flung ideas about anything pertinent to the small family farm experience.”

SFJ hit a few road bumps in the last year and is a little behind on its publication, but we are CONFIDENT that this community can help them raise the $25,000 necessary to jump-start publication and get the journal back on its feet. Let’s do this!

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beautiful new hopeful documentary on solutions to the current eco-crisis

Ryan Wirick, a documentary filmmaker is looking for help supporting and funding his new feature-length documentary, The Need To GROW, a “solution-packed journey into the lives of those working to fix our broken food system in the US. It focuses on SOLUTIONS (activism, permaculture, farmer’s markets and many many more), to localize food and regenerate our planet’s dying soil.”
The Kickstarter expires in two weeks and still has $20,000 left to go.
Ryan writes, “What we have made with this film is the furthest thing from a boring talking-head-style documentary of doom and gloom. It’s a story-driven, funny, dramatic, informative roller coaster with unexpected twists and turns that is ultimately hopeful and inspiring.”

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Modified is a gorgeous and deeply personal feature-length documentary that delves into the labyrinth of asking why, if they are labelled in 64 other world counties, are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)– not labeled on food products in Canada and the United States.

Film maker Aube Giroux (the mastermind behind Kitchen Vignettes) has entirely self-produced the film up until this point and has launched a kickstarted to cover the post-production costs. I don’t know about you, but I want to see this movie! Let’s make it happen!


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hudson estuary bioregional bundle


Over the past 8 months, a group of artists and designers have produced a Bioregional Bundle – an unbound collection of art, writing and ideas contained in a large envelope – titled Reinhabit the Hudson Estuary about living-in-place.(check out the introduction below).

We are initiating a Kick Starter campaign seeking $6,650 to print 1,000 copies of the Bundle.  Most will be distributed freely through local grassroots watershed groups, as a “potlatch” styled gift, and about 350 will go to Planet Drum Foundation, a non-profit bioregional organization based in San Francisco, California, for their membership.  The campaign was launched on April 9th and will run for 40 days until May 19th.

Please consider visiting the Kick Starter Hudson Bundle campaign website and looking over the information there.  If it feels right, chip in some dough for the printing.

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tater tats: temporary vegetable tattoos!

Get Pumped for Vegetables! Tater Tats are temporary vegetable tattoos. They are a really fun way to get kids and adults excited about seasonal, healthy eating and need your help to fund the first round of manufacturing. We want to sell them in stores, farmer’s markets and where-ever food lovers shop. We need $2000 to produce the first round of tattoos and have lots of great rewards to help us reach our goal.  You can get some Tater Tats for as little as $5.

We give back 10% of profits to the farmers and food projects that inspire us. We also want to sell wholesale to farms, markets and other positive impact food organizations to help them raise funds by selling these seasonal tats to their customers.  Our giveback money for items purchased through this kickstarter will be split between Groundswell Farm and Full Hollow Farm.  We hope these funds will give the farms a little bonus money for seeds, equipment or marketing, helping to expand the reach of healthy sustainable farming. Support tater tats on Kickstarter! 

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excelsior farm needs a new greenhouse, give em’ a boost!

We currently have two small greenhouses in which we grow more than 15 different crops within the course of the year. We have used them efficiently to grow a lot of good food, but we need more greenhouse space to get farm income up to a sustainable level.

The greenhouse we would like to purchase from Oregon Valley Greenhouses, with the help of your donation, is thirty feet wide and ninety six feet long. It is larger than the ones we already have in use and would enable us to double our greenhouse crop production.

We are trying to raise the funds to pay for the greenhouse only. There is no freight or labor costs involved because we are buying from a local company and are willing to build it ourselves. We even have the building site picked out, ready for the new greenhouse.

Donate to them HERE on Kickstarter! 

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organic, made in the usa workwear

We like this idea. Let’s show them some support!

Totem Industries on Kickstarter
Totem Industries is a small company out of Boulder, CO, with the goal of getting good people into cool and durable clothes at a reasonable cost.  We have been manufacturing clothing domestically since our inception in 2004.

We started as a backcountry ski company, making hemp ski pants, hemp ski backpacks, and recycled softshell jackets.

We are now focused on making clothing for everyday life, which is why we are so excited to introduce our new line of organic workwear. Continue reading

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urban farmers in the northlands

Our friends at Stone’s Throw Urban Farm need your support on Kickstarter!

Stone’s Throw Urban farm is a new vegetable operation formed through the collaboration of three urban farms in the Twin Cities. We transform vacant lots into micro-farms, and run a diversified rotation on about 18 lots around the city. We’re taking on new land this year, with the goal of feeding more people in our community and working towards paying ourselves a living wage. We will be running a 100-member vegetable CSA, selling at the Mill City Market in downtown Minneapolis, and hopefully selling directly to our neighbors.

With the new land we’re turning over this spring, we need help covering some start-up costs. We’re raising money through Kickstarter, and any amount you can give will help us feed our neighbors and grow our own livelihoods as urban farmers. We strive to be a model for urban food production across the country, and hope we can give back to this community of Greenhorns in that way.

Thanks a million for your support!

Emily and the STUF farmers

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balloon mapping kits on kickstarter

Check out the project HERE.

Balloon mapping is sending a camera up on a balloon, snapping photos, and stitching them into a map. Over the past 18 months, we’ve build a global community of mappers who use balloons and kites to take aerial photos, and our browser application MapKnitter to stitch them together.  We’ve put our experience into a comprehensive balloon mapping kit that only costs $85 (shipping included) and comes with illustrated instructions.

Follow us at, and check out our map archive at the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science .