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talking co-ops

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Today on Greenhorns Radio, Sev speaks to Faith Gilbert, author of the Greenhorns Guidebook  Cooperative Farming, a how-to handbook on forming collaborative farm ventures, and the Vegetable Manager and Administrative Lead at Letterbox Farm Collective. Letterbox, which produces everything from vegetables to pasture rabbit (which you may remember from our post earlier this week), uses a cooperative model to increase worker investment and spread power horizontally through the farm.

Faith and Sev will talk cooperative farming, Hudson Valley, and community organizing in the digital agrarian age LIVE today at 4:00 PM on Heritage Radio Network. Tune in then, or, as always, catch the podcast any time after the show airs!

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Don’t forget! We still have lots of goodies for sale, including our mini compendium of young farmer resources for land tenure aka “Land. Liberty. Sunshine. Stamina.” and the Greenhorns Guidebook for Young Farmers.

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Young Farmer Profiles: Mendocino Organics

Here is the 2nd in a series of profiles of young farmers in America, written for The Greenhorns by Amelia Spilger. These short young farmer profiles will help inspire and shape our collective understanding of the movement with specific examples of lives lived. Think of it them case studies in the PHD program we are running on young farmer affairs!

Mendocino Organics

Paula Manalo is digging in to a new field of study these days. She is one of four saturday-morning-on-the-farmwomen farmers who are co-writing the Greenhorn’s Guide for Beginning Farmers, and has recently taken on the role of Managing Director of this practical, hands-on guidebook “written by young farmers for young farmers.”

Manalo, like many of her future readers, is just about as “green” as a Greenhorn can be. This Stanford graduate is in her first season co-managing Mendocino Organic’s biodynamic Winter CSA. She’s learning how to build rich compost from livestock manure and make biodynamic preparations from fermented medicinal herbs, and is sharing her lessons as she grows.

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