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great press!

New Life at Sonoma County’s Historic Granges
by Mary Callahan for The Press Democrat


A surge of interest in natural foods, local sourcing and environmental sustainability is bringing new life to the Civil War-era Grange movement, driving participation and restoring its relevance among modern folks yearning for connection to one another and to the food they consume.

The Sebastopol Grange — part of the nationwide farmers alliance that spans 147 years of agricultural development, economic expansion and vast social change — is among the groups that are thriving, its membership surpassing 200 people just a few years after its existence was threatened.

“It’s a process of revitalizing community,” President Jerry Allen said. “It’s going on all over, and it’s sure going on here.”

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hey greenhorns! we need your photography help

Looking for a Greenhorn near washington D.C. who’s good at taking photos. We need some photos taken ( that look nice) of the National Grange, of its facade, its entry, and hopefully also the wall hangings and ” grange paraphernalia”.

We’ve been taking pictures of  each of the small granges we visit, in order to make a display and we’d like to include the national building.

We’re also hoping that others of you who have an active Grange Hall in your town can let us know about whats going on there, and put us in touch with the point person. That way we can continue to organize the Grange Future tour, and oral history projects.

Here is a link to the oral histories we’ve already posted on the site .

Please email AUDREY BERMAN

Thank you!

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greenhorns at healdsburg shed!



Friday March 7th, 7pm at the Healdsburg Shed
PUNK YEOMAN: The Past and Future of the Grange

Join Greenhorns founder Severine Von Tscharner Fleming and evangelist Jen Griffith for a lively evening of learning as we focus on modern farming in their presentation “Grange Future”.

Grange Future is a community history project undertaken by The Greenhorns, a young farmers network, to help interpret both the past and future of the Grange movement, not in a nostalgic or abstract way, but as an appropriate institutional format for contemporary users who are concerned with rebuilding our food system. For today’s young farmers the Grange is a kind of syllabus in community-scale organizing, regional development, cooperative economics and kinship-based policy advocacy. Continue reading

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greenhorns at shed!

greenhorn invite final

Join Greenhorns founder Severine Von Tscharner Fleming and evangelist Jen Griffith for an evening of learning as we focus on the past and future of modern farming, “Grange Future.” Learn about the early and more recent history of the Grange, the controversy with California State Grange halls and GMO labeling, and the revival across the country of farmer-driven educational, social, charitable, and political uses of Grange halls, Grange kitchens, and the Grange idea.

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