the irresistible fleet of bicycles

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excavating oil out of our museums

Watch the video below! Learn more about the exhibit here! Follow the amazing ripple effects of the exhibit, recent press in the Houston Chronicle and NYT, and more of the organizations work on their news page.


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when the oil fields burned


While we’re on the subject of oil, this past Sunday, the New York Times magazine re-ran Sebastiao Salgado’s 1991 photo documentary of the burning of Saudi oil fields. And, holy crap, they are, without doubt or exaggeration, some of the most stunning photographs ever taken, highlighting both the unequivocal devastation of war and the abject threat posed by mere existence of oil fields.

In a new introduction to the photographs, Salgado writes in the Times, “It took billions of dollars and years of work to clean up the mess of Saddam Hussein’s failed scorched earth policy. Twenty-five years later, wars are raging in much of the Middle East, and oil fields have already been set aflame. We must remember that in the brutality of battle another such apocalypse is always just around the corner.”


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big oil is in big trouble

Read this article: The Shale Industry Could Be Swallowed By Its Own Debt

big oil

An well pump near Sweetwater, Texas. Photographer: LM Otero/AP Photo

Response to article courtesy of  Debbie Baron, Secretary of the Mendo Alcohol Fuel Group
“According to this article, the shale oil industry is in big debt and is having trouble paying off its interest on its loans. Evidently, fracking companies, whether fracking for oil shale or natural gas, keep going deeper into debt to keep themselves solvent. Remember the Greater Recession and how so many people lost their homes because they kept floating bigger and bigger home equity loans when the bubble burst? Why am I having the horrible sinking feeling that this is going to happen again, courtesy of Big Oil?

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