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help wanted on cut-flower farm in bovina, ny

Treadlight Farm, established in 2015,  grows specialty cut flowers on one acre in the hills of Delaware County, 6 miles outside of Bovina, NY. We sell our flowers at farmers markets locally and in Westchester County, to wedding clients, and to flower designers and florists. Our crops are grown organically (though we are not certified) in permanent, no-till beds, and are cultivated and harvested by hand from May through October.
We are looking for a farm crew member to assist in all aspects of our farm work for the coming season: seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, packing, greenhouse care, flower arranging, and more. Through your work you’ll learn no-till production practices and the daily workings of a relatively new, rapidly expanding farm operation. This is an ideal position for someone interested in small-scale intensive farming, no-till agriculture, market gardening, and ornamental plant production.

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a worthy project

Annie’s Flower Farm.  Give it a boost! GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I grew up on a 360 acre farm on the Southern Oregon Coast, a sixth generation Oregon farm girl. As a child, I helped my mother with the garden and the chickens. My mother loved growing flowers.

When I was eight, I started my own small herd of grass fed beef cows with a calf my father gave me to raise. As a teenager I helped my father truck farm lettuce and carrots. I used the money from the cows to travel in Europe and the Middle East for eight months when I was 18.

I worked on a Kibbutz in Israel for three months, a much more diversified farm than the one I had grown up on. Back in Oregon, I worked with a start up workers collective for five years planting trees in forests around the Pacific Northwest. In Alaska where my kids were born, I was partners in a salmon fishing operation. Being entrepreneurial has been a way of life for me, cultivated by my father when he gave me that first calf to raise.

Farming and organic gardening have been a lifelong passion. When my kids and I moved from Oregon to France and then to Maine, I followed the local farming movements. Along the way I took college classes and got my degree in Communication and Public Relations. Over the next fifteen years, I worked with nonprofits.

Today, I am living one of my dreams and working as a flower farmer. My middle name is Anna, so I named the business Annie’s Flower Farm.

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intern with flora*bliss at broadturn farm

FLORA*BLISS at Broadturn Farm is seeking an intern to work and learn primarily about our cut flower business. We grow over an acre of cut flowers and 9 SONY DSCacres of produce organically. Our markets include a CSA, wedding and special event floral design and wholesale accounts. The internship provides a $600 month stipend, a private cabin, shared cooking space, a once a week class, and as much board as is produced on the farm….including milk, meat, eggs and produce. We offer 1 paid week off. Broadturn Farm is located 25 minutes from Portland, ME and 6 miles from the beach. Applicants must be able to start work April 1st and commit to staying through September. Ideal candidates have an interest in farming and flower design, are willing to milk a cow, slaughter chickens, and harvest vegetables in a pinch. You must be flexible of mind and possess a wicked sense of humor. We do not have living arrangements for couples, children or pets at the farm, but will gladly hire interns with a family, provided they live off the farm. While the focus will be flowers, the farm has much to teach.
Please send resumes to mrs.lemonburger (at)