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the family farm bulks up


Lon Frahm may represent the future of farming. Inside a two-story office building overshadowed by 80-foot steel grain bins, he points to a map showing the patchwork of square and circular fields that make up his operation. It covers nearly 10% of the county’s cropland, and when he climbs into his Cessna Skylane to check crops from the air, he can fly 30 miles before reaching the end of his land. At 30,600 acres, his farm is among the country’s vastest, and it yields enough corn and wheat each year to fill 4,500 semitrailer trucks. Big operations like Mr. Frahm’s, which he has spent decades building, are prospering despite the deepest farm slump since the 1980s. Years of low prices for corn, wheat and other commodities brought on by a glut of grain world-wide are driving smaller American farmers out of business.

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mark baker’s update to his recent farm raid

This could be any small diversified farmer. Greenhorns far and wide, stay updated on this situation. Share it broadly. Make a fuss. Start a conversation.


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share equipment and services with farmers in your community

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FarmShare is an online marketplace for family farmers to share equipment with each other.  Our Mission is to help family farmers succeed.  Because equipment is so capital intensive, we know that owning the best equipment for every job is challenging for family farmers.  Our hope is that FarmShare can be a solution to this problem by providing access to additional equipment, while also providing an additional revenue stream for farmers willing to share their equipment.  This model keeps money in the community and helps build the health of the local economy. Check them out!