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wonder: the major-minor super power

This recently made its way into the Greenhorns inbox, and boy! Doesn’t it just hit home for all of us? We love this! And we think that you’ll enjoy it too. The author, Jeffery Davis, is a consultant, speaker, and author of the poetry collection Coat Thief  (Saint Julian Press) and The Journey from the Center of the Page.  He lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with his wife and two girls. Find him online at

The Secret Super Power: Wonder 

You know that feeling? When everything you were building burns down? The planks of a reasonable life you’ve laid crumble underneath you, and you find yourself free-falling like Alice down a hole that feels bottomless.  You don’t know who you are.  You’re clueless about whom you might become.

For me, after a fire literally burned down my dream house one July, I peeled a paperback edition of William James’s essays on psychology from the charred wall of my study.  The book had been compressed into the wall from the pressure of the firefighters’ hose.  I ripped from my burnt walnut desk a copy of Buddhist psychologist Mark Epstein’s book Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart.

It hadn’t been an easy summer, even before the fire. Continue reading

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the future is a long time

unnamedThe future is a long time and the winners of the Voices of the Soil Contest, hosted by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Lexicon of Food understand the importance of our soil and our future.

The eight winners, ages 18-28, were chosen by a panel of soil experts including Joel Salatin, Dr. Elaine Ingham and Ian Davidson. 

The contest was created to increase understanding and awareness of the vital importance of soil health, and to celebrate the International Year of Soils. Many people understand the connection between soil and food, but fewer people realize soil also has an important role in sequestering carbon and alleviating some of the worst impacts of climate change, like drought and flood. Find the list of the winning submissions HERE.

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how i edited an agricultural paper (once)

How I Edited An Agricultural Paper (Once)

By: Mark Twain

Friday, Oct 18, 2015, Rural America

I did not take temporary editorship of an agricultural paper without misgivings. Neither would a landsman take command of a ship without misgivings. But I was in circumstances that made the salary an object. The regular editor of the paper was going off for a holiday, and I accepted the terms he offered, and took his place.

The sensation of being at work again was luxurious, and I wrought all the week with unflagging pleasure. We went to press, and I waited a day with some solicitude to see whether my effort was going to attract any notice. As I left the office, toward sundown, a group of men and boys at the foot of the stairs dispersed with one impulse, and gave me passage-way, and I heard one or two of them say: “That’s him!” I was naturally pleased by this incident…

Read on here!

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voices of the soil essay contest

2015 is the International Year of Soils, so in celebration of one of our most important natural resources, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Lexicon of Sustainability are hosting the “Voices of Soil” Essay and Video Contest for young farmers, agricultural students, or any young person who appreciates the value of healthy soil.


We are accepting ​​written essay and/or video submissions ​that answer one or more of the following questions:


Soil_Hands​Videos must be no longer than 5 minutes in length and you can copy/paste the complete URL of the video from the following platforms:,, (examples: or or

Written essays must be between 700 and 1000 words and uploaded files should be less than 64MB, .pdf, .doc, .docx formats only allowed. Alternatively you can copy/paste the complete Lexicon of Food post URL for the essay (example:

SUBMISSION DEADLINE​ ​is ​Midnight PDT on August 15, 2015.

The “Voices of Soil” contest is open to US residents (excluding Puerto Rico) ages 18 to 28, who love soil and are pursuing an education or career in agriculture, environmental science, or other related fields to enter. We especially encourage submissions from young farmers. Partner staff, relations of partner staff, and relations of the judging committee are not eligible to compete.​

For more information, visit the website!

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sidebar about sea urchins by janelle orsi, our lovely lawyer


A commons cannot survive within conventional structures, which are highly permeable and designed for ease of buying, selling, and profit-maximization […] How do we structure commons governance to prevent corruptions, to serve all stakeholders, and to function efficiently?

Read On lawyers and sea urchins, a sidebar for the latest edition of STIR magazine! You can pre-order the latest issue, Law and Social Change here.