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eieio farm needs a tractor and hopes to fund it through calendar sales

EIEIO Farm is a small family farm in Western MA that has been sustainably and biodynamically raising grass fed beef, goat, lamb, pork and poultry for 32 years! from 1982 to 2008 EIEIO was devoted to a family homestead. In the last six years it has transitioned to a small commercial business. Now that EIEIO is feeding more families we need some help!

All the “Babes” that we are – family, friends, workers, owners, farmers, daughters, mothers, EIEIO Farm lovers and customers – have come together to make a calendar because we need a tractor and we need your help! 100% of the proceeds of the calendar will go toward buying the tractor that EIEIO needs to continue its operation. Support Female Farmers! Support Happy Healthy Food! Support Art! Support Small Business! Support Family Farming! Support EIEIO Farm!

What you get: A beautifully crafted 12 month 2015  “Farmtale” calendar with photographs featuring fourteen beautiful women, EIEIO Farm‘s lush landscapes and happy, healthy livestock!

What you give: Just $25 for an artwork that you will enjoy long after the year’s end!