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crops of the future.

Coffee Beans

When portrayed by the film and TV media, the one thing that all fictional futures seem to have in common is a coffee shortage. Only the elite and the lucky manage to get their hands on a coveted cup of joe. In the dystopian fictional future, coffee is a black market product and in the wake of climate change, future coffee shortages may not be such a far-fetched concept after all. In 2016, Climate Institute, an Australian non-profit released a report that stated that in the next number of decades, the area of land suitable for growing coffee will decrease by about 50%. In addition to this, increased temperatures in the southern hemisphere, where much of our coffee comes from, encourages the spread of diseases and pests that affect the coffee plant, which can only grow well in a stable climate with steady levels of both heat and water.  If you are anything like me, the thought of having to start your day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee may strike fear in your heartbut fear not!

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coffee csa

Nora of Strongtree Organic Coffee Roasters in Hudson says that the specialty coffee market is screaming about global climate change, crop failures, drought, supply chain dysfunction, and in general the feeling that their sector is a canary in the coal mine of the global food system.

here is a small project that is quite hopeful,  but in general the meta-narrative keeps being gloomy.
CoffeeCSA.orgis 100% owned and controlled by the farmers featured on this siteWhen you buy a share of the harvest at CoffeeCSA, you get the best of the crop while helping to fund next year’s harvest and strengthen small-scale family farms. CoffeeCSA offers you great coffee and a meaningful relationship with a hard-working farm family. Continue reading