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mesoamerica resiste

MR_Crop4_SmallThe Beehive Collective has a new poster!

In their words: These graphics depict many stories of resistance to Project Mesoamerica, formerly known as the PPP (Plan Puebla Panama), a massive infrastructure project that aims to pave the way for Free Trade in Mexico, Central America and ColombiaThe name of this Graphics Campaign, Mesoamerica Resiste, reflects our efforts to go beyond illustrating corporate globalization — to illustrate, document and share diverse stories of survival, community development, collective action and inspiration… In our latest work, so far we’ve included over 200 endemic, endangered and requested species of insects and animals, and more than 100 plants. The collection of images that the Bees have produced are being woven together into a giant poster that will be printed on two sides.

Head here to check it out, learn more, and to support this art that teaches and inspires.

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beehive design collective is expanding!

Wanted: Seven inspired & diligent souls to join forces (Beehive Design Collective in Machias, ME)


Wanted: Seven inspired & diligent souls to join forces with the Beehive Design Collective

It’s Spring, and our work is in full bloom! Dear Big World, please send us a few more kickass pollinators!

The scope of our collective’s work has been gloriously expanding both globally and locally. After a long hiatus on new membership, the time has now come for us to bring on a big full time Maine-based crew of multi-talented, politically-attuned, self-driven folks. . . We’re ready! Continue reading

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beehive collective posters

today (january 31st) is the last day of a special offer from our friends at the beehive collective, and the last day of the kickstarter campaign.  Help keep their good work coming!
We are sharing our ENTIRE COLLECTION OF POSTERS (13!) with their accompanying narrative storybooks for $100 including shipping.

Help us raise funds for our tenth anniversary print run! Your support will enable us to re-print all of our posters this coming year.
Also, organizations can pledge $400 and receive 100 POSTERS for re-distribution and fundraising.
with honey
and the Bees

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beehive collective is swarming

Check out the Beehive Collective on tour, sharing stories on their new poster, “The True Cost of Coal,” about mountaintop removal and everything interconnected with the process.

Please pass along to interested folks, and COMEJoin the Beehive Collective for an exciting and educational visual workshop on “The True Cost of Coal” Come for food and awesome conversation! *

Using a gigantic, portable mural teeming with intricate images of plants and animals, the Bees will walk participants through the connections between mountain top removal coal mining, coal-fired electricity and climate change. Using storytelling, small and full group discussions, we’ll examine the local to global impacts of our industrialized way of life, drawing out connections to participants’ daily lives. Together we will analyze real costs, root causes, and what deep change can and does actually look like! Continue reading