the irresistible fleet of bicycles

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get this cool sweater on your holiday gift list!

credit: Diliff

Check out these cool farmer ‘jumpers’ made from Guernsey sheeps wool. They do custom size and bespoke orders so make sure to send your measurements  to your family with your measurements for the perfect christmas present!

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schlepping in style


Hey, Maine is kind of taking some spotlight on local economy here.

Earlier this week we talked about a new credit union initiative, geared toward farmers, that is starting in the state.  Keeping on the theme of building a local, resilient economy we’re giving a shutout to the folks behind the Anchorpac. Continue reading

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greenhorns is happy to be beneficiary of XTRACYCLE and we want to share the love with our team…

20 years ago, Xtracycle started a cargo bike movement that’s changing the world.* Now, the Xtracycle Leap is poised to change the game again and take personal mobility to the next level.
How to create your dream cargo and passenger-hauling machine:
  1. Pick a bicycle you’d love to convert
  2. Choose a kit and pre-order your Xtracycle Leap
  3. Prepare your Xtracycle Leap adventure and activity bucket list
We have a limited number of Leap kits coming in June, so for the next 7 days the most committed of the cargo community will have a chance to pre-order their very own piece of history.  To visit Xtracycle’s website, click HERE!

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call out for great holiday gifts

It may not be a samurai sword, but these tools are about as close to one as you can get! Hida Tool and Hardware Company features exceptional tools from Japan. Hida Tool is your source for woodworking tools, gardening tools, and kitchen knives that continue the metalworking traditions of the samurai sword makers.


History of Japanese Tools:

In Japan during the period when samurai existed, katana (Japanese swords) were commonly used and increased in popularity as close-combat warfare evolved.

The swords were hand forged from professional blacksmiths (sword smiths). The steel (combined carbon steels) gets hammered and heated numerous times to increase the sword’s durability. This process of pounding and other techniques used to create a sword eventually was utilized for manufacturing many tools in Japan.

In 1876 the Meiji Government issued an edict to outlaw Japanese swords. It was a hard time for samurai, but the blacksmiths who produced swords were also out of business.

As a way to pass down the skill of tool forging and continue business, many blacksmiths decided to create woodworking, gardening tools and kitchen cutlery instead. Around this period, woodworking in Japan was also going through changes; high-quality tools to increase efficiency were in demand. Combining the skills of Japanese sword forging, the tools evolved in the quality of their cutting edges and durability.

Order your Hida Tool HERE!

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share equipment and services with farmers in your community

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.45.18 AM
FarmShare is an online marketplace for family farmers to share equipment with each other.  Our Mission is to help family farmers succeed.  Because equipment is so capital intensive, we know that owning the best equipment for every job is challenging for family farmers.  Our hope is that FarmShare can be a solution to this problem by providing access to additional equipment, while also providing an additional revenue stream for farmers willing to share their equipment.  This model keeps money in the community and helps build the health of the local economy. Check them out! 

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organic, made in the usa workwear

We like this idea. Let’s show them some support!

Totem Industries on Kickstarter
Totem Industries is a small company out of Boulder, CO, with the goal of getting good people into cool and durable clothes at a reasonable cost.  We have been manufacturing clothing domestically since our inception in 2004.

We started as a backcountry ski company, making hemp ski pants, hemp ski backpacks, and recycled softshell jackets.

We are now focused on making clothing for everyday life, which is why we are so excited to introduce our new line of organic workwear. Continue reading

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compost is hot stuff

This T shirt design is a collaborative effort between Andy Schwartz and Joel Cothran. Andy is an urban gardener/farmer and Joel is an incredibly inventive artist of many mediums.
A percentage of the profits will be donated to local community gardens. We are doing our part to make people aware of the importance of composting. Compost keeps food scraps out of landfills (methane gas) and helps to build topsoil. Inspiration for the design comes from a need to replenish our soils due to the years and years of taking with giving very little in return. The earth feeds us so it is our duty to return the favor. COMPOST!
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