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it’s like a csa – but with software


Great news everone! Farmier is now accepting signups for its farmOS Hosting Service. Sign up now and you can start a 30 day free trial. After 30 days, farmOS hosting will be $50 per year. This is a special price for the beta period, so sign up now!

What is “farmOS Hosting,” you ask? You’re probably familiar with “Community Supported Agriculture” – where a farmer offers subscriptions to their harvests, and customers receive a share each week. Farmier is like that – but for software. You could think of it as a “Community Supported App”. You subscribe for a year of hosting, and Farmier handles all the set up and maintenance for you. Your subscription also supports development of the software, so it can continue to grow and improve.

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an APP for transparency of shipping


This absolutely mind-blowing APP, called Marine Traffic, shows real-time information about maritime traffic into and out of ports all over the world. It is an open-community based project, and costs $3.00, which we think is well worth the money. Next, we need one for semi-trailers and 18-wheelers.

Interested in learning more? Check out the APP’s FAQ page.