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"Brushes, Planets, Misfits and Other Collections" 2014 by Jeffrey Jenkins

“Brushes, Planets, Misfits and Other Collections” 2014 by Jeffrey Jenkins

Here’s something for all you artists, makers, communitarians, diggers (re:archaelogists) and generally strange people: Midlred’s Lane.

Residing on a site named for the homesteader that inhabited the space in the 20th century, a collection of individuals are experimenting with different ways of living/being/working/art making/formulating simply complex sentences.

Mildred’s Lane hosts a multitude of creative practitioners collaboratively working, living, and researching in a landscape. These investigations including: the adaptive reuse of vernacular 19th century outbuildings, landscape interventions, follies, architectural projects, lectures, workshops, environmental activism, foraging and creative domesticating.

While we let that soak in you can check out their site for more details as they’ve just added some new sessions and residencies to this years programming.

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