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2 thoughts on “in honor of everyone stacking their cords this month

  1. Please stack your cords for the NEXT Winter now, not for this one!

    Firewood should be split 2-3 times smaller than you usually see, drying off the ground, stacked in single or double rows at most, in sunlight and prevailing wind, for over a year before firing.

    Very dry finely split wood (max ceiling of 20% per a moisture meter, or lightweight and fully checked wood if you’re an old hand) is the most important component of creating less particulate pollution, gaining more BTU’s to heat your home or greenhouse per stick of wood, and way less danger of creosote build up that can be deadly fodder for chimney fires…

    Burning hot, fast fires with smaller sticks that will not smolder accomplishes the most good and if the home is well insulated it will retain the heat for many hours, so the fire can go out instead of being maintained all day and night. Additionally, sweeping the chimney will become a once a decade endeavor.

    If the home is not well insulated, you are stuck with the dangerous and toxic smolder fire in order to keep the space warm, since you really can’t let the fire go out. Where there’s smoke, there is a shitty fire burning (except when first starting up.) A well-fired stove should produce only a heat shimmer from the chimney.

    This is an important rural skill to know, as much as when and how to plant. 🙂

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