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2016 prelinger library funding appeal

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The Prelinger Library ( is an urban oasis
of research, community, art, and collaboration in San Francisco. It is a
freely publicly accessible workshop where artists, writers, and activists
from around the Bay and across the world meet to read, research and make
new works of all kinds. We offer all visitors the chance to browse and
work with an appropriation-friendly collection of over 30,000 books and
another 50,000 pieces of printed ephemera, including maps, zines, and

In 2015, our volunteer Guest Hosts, supporting volunteers, and Library
founders doubled the number of open days and hosted over 1,250 research
visits. All of this was done on a budget of just under $37,000, of which
$28,000 was the rent on the Library space. Thanks to the fantastic
response to our 2015 Library Appeal, 70% of that budget was covered by
individual supporters, together with grants from Mandrake & Associates and
the Peradam Foundation. Thank you, 2015 supporters! You made possible our
busiest and most productive year ever.

Your tax-deductible donation benefits every visitor. The Library’s 2016
budget is $39,828 (details below). We have already been awarded a $5,000
grant from the Seed Fund and gathered about $2,500 in individual
donations. To raise at least $35,000 toward the 2016 Budget, we aim to
raise $27,000 more this year.

To join our community of 2016 supporters, please visit our donations page
on Flipcause:

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