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beet clock- an app that tracks how much you invest in a crop

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BeetClock allows farmers to easily keep track of the labor and equipment hours that go into every crop.  The app was developed by a diversified organic vegetable farmer in order to quickly record the resources invested in each crop from seeding to sale. This is essential in order to see which crops are profitable. Do you want to figure out if you are really making money on snap peas after all that time spent harvesting? BeetClock can help! Users enjoy these features and more:

–        Keep track of the labor hours invested in each crop from seeding to sale

–        Record tractors and implements used in each job

–        Keep track of any number of ongoing jobs at one time

–        Record jobs after the fact

–        Customize crops, jobs and equipment

–        Summarize records by crop, job and equipment used

–        Send reports to your email inbox as a spreadsheet file

–        Integrate data with the NOFA Enterprise Analysis Workbook developed by Richard Wiswall

To learn more, click HERE!

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