the irresistible fleet of bicycles

inverness almanac volume 3 – spring/summer 2016.

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the inverness almanac is
a semi-annual print publication project;
a record and an artifact for posterity;
a collection of practical knowledge
and ruminations about our natural world;
an outlet for creative expression.
the inverness almanac is
a reflection of this confluence of place, time and community.
an expression of yearning for connection,
and for deep knowing of the interdependence of everything.
the inverness almanac is
in honor of our ancestors and
in service to the great mystery of here, now.
Go to the release party TODAY or buy online!
Volume 3 Release Party
The Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station
The Range of Light Wilderness
Mariee Sioux
DJ Andy Cabic
There will be an open fire lamb roast.
There will be a stocked bar.
There will be tea service.
Come on up and bring all of your people with you.
$20 at the door.


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