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these kids are awesome open source farm architects

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Three Students Design & Crowdfund Radical Sustainable Educational Center

For more than a year, students at Cal Poly Pomona College’s School of Architecture in Los Angeles, CA, have been designing an education center for Huerta del Valle Community Garden. The community where the garden and future education center are located is one of the most polluted areas of California, in which most low income families are heavily reliant on fast food and produce grown with pesticides. In this case, the garden and education center have the potential to provide the community with healthier food options, address environmental justice challenges, and increase self-reliance and social well-being..…

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One thought on “these kids are awesome open source farm architects

  1. Hey, my tablet could be messing with me but it appears that your link “to read more” brings you to a page with the enlarged image. Just wanted to give you a heads up, but if this is just my technology malfunctioning again, I apologize. Thanks for all the awesome articles and links.

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