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bread reimagined

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The Bread Lab is arming bakers with a whole new set of grains.

Once upon a time, there was white flour and whole-wheat flour, and that was about it. In California, I’d watch my chef friends return from the markets with diverse hauls of amazing produce and think, Wait, what about us bakers?

At Tartine, I’ve always tried to use as many interesting grains as possible, including lesser-known varieties like kamut. (It makes a melt-in-your-mouth chamomile shortbread that puts white-flour shortbreads to shame.) But the alternative grain movement has been really taking off in recent years, thanks to The Bread Lab, run by Dr. Stephen Jones in affiliation with Washington State University. He and his team work with thousands of unique strains of wheat, and over the years have created many new varieties. They select and breed grains that are sustainable and affordable enough for farmers to grow—and delicious enough for chefs, brewers, and consumers to buy. Click HERE to read more!

One thought on “bread reimagined

  1. I just posted an article from the NYT about him. Good stuff.

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