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the propagandists: outing corporate ties

2 Comments posts information about propaganda, its history, and dossiers of known government and industry propagandists that operate today.

Each year, the US Government and industries spend hundreds of millions of dollars to promote propaganda (now called “social marketing”), assigning government- or industry-funded propagandists (also known as social marketers, social scientists, and thought leaders) who use their academic credentials and smiles to promote a product or idea that you don’t want. Websites like Wikipedia and are largely controlled by faceless and nameless industry and government propagandists who ensure that what’s posted does not challenge the industry or governmental dogma.

Many propagandists appear on the evening news and talk shows, promoting the latest pills, tests, and treatments without mentioning the funding they receive from drug companies. Popular actors and activists are sometimes hired to use their celebrity to connect with fans. Propagandists influence television and movie scripts to sell ideas and products.

Unlike propaganda websites used to attack honest clinicians and scientists who question propaganda, we plan to use this website to compile dossiers on prominent propagandists who fail to identify their corporate or government ties.

2 thoughts on “the propagandists: outing corporate ties

  1. Good. Have you read Disinformation? It is amazing.

  2. It looks like this site is unused since 2014. Can’t send a message to the author(s).

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