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activist guide to exploiting the media

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Image created by the second Flash Collective convened by The Helix Queer Performance Network, mentored by Avram Finkelstein of Gran Fury.

Because, as George Monbiot writes, “Activists are treated unfairly by the press more often than any other group of people except gypsies, travellers and asylum seekers,”we are delighted to link you, today, to An Activist’s Guide to Exploiting the Media.”

“Reaching the media is as time-consuming, as demanding and as necessary as building lock-ons or digging tunnels. If we don’t start tackling this task with the efficiency and creativity that we bring to the rest of our work, we’ll be worsted again and again by our opponents.”

An important, comprehensive, and downright entertaining guide to using media coverage to publicize action. Highly recommended reading. It’s “@nti-copyright for activists and copyright for everyone else.”


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