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portland maine: volunteers needed for maine sail freight!!

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August 27th, 12pm

400 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine (Portland Yacht Services)

Portland people! Help load Boston-bound freight and be part of a fossil-fuel-free trade renaissance. We confront the complexity of regional trade, clipboard in hand, arms swinging, crates moving.

Your body (and belly) are part of the performance.  Come join the human conveyor to load barrels, boxes and bundles into the hold of the wooden schooner. There will be aerobic exercise;  there will be beverage-breaks; there will be camaraderie.

Come for the whole day or just part. Please be ready for work. A positive attitude, sign the release form, be ready to be careful in navigating the hazards of deck/dock/dirt inherent in the working waterfront. Wear closed-toe shoes, have a long-sleeve shirt and a hat and bring a water bottle. We’ll provide snacks and historical musings as sustenance.

The Greenhorns Team

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