the irresistible fleet of bicycles

book the bufflehead for next week’s greenhorns rendezvous in the thoroughfare

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August 23 Watermans Community Center : North Haven, Maine
1pm- 6pm Come join us in the North Haven thoroughfare! IF YOU’D LIKE TO SAIL OUT ON THE BUFFLEHEAD TO ATTEND THESE EVENTS, BOOK HERE
1:00 Picnic Lunch  & Oyster Tasting (bring your own lunch or visit Cooper’s Landing)
2:00 Lydia Brown, author of On Solid Ground will start this event with a history of North Haven’s farming history. Nan Lee, president of North Haven’s Historical Society will bring along historical images and artifacts and Adam Campbell, owner and operator of North Haven Oyster Company will be shucking oysters and reliving his days of working aboard schooners in his early twenties.
3:00 Produce arrives from Sparkplug Farm on Vinalhaven.
4:00 Visit the North Haven Historical Society and view their collections
5:00 Harvey Gamage sails into North Haven thoroughfare! Watch by land or sea as she sails into harbor. Ceremonial cargo loading to follow.

Special thanks to Arista Holden, Lance Lee and the Scholarshipwrights of Rockland

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