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In the spirit of ships..

Let Lance and Arista swoop up your heart with their fleet of small boats. They are our wonderful partner in arms for August 11th peaceful armanda of watershed foods‘ event in Hallowell, Maine.

SCHOLARSHIPWRIGHTS program… Come Build, Sail, Publish and live in a community!
We will build Hampton Boats’s (from New England) using the methods of salt water farmers. We’re seeking scholar-shipwrights/ apprentices to build the boat, live together in a former sawmill equipped with workshop, bedrooms, wood stoves, hot water, kitchen, etc. on Damariscotta Lake, from NOW til June of next year! Instruction, rent, utilities, building materials, all included for 500/month. Come join us! Build a Boat, Publish a Book.

Much more inforamation about the scholarshipwrights program here.

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Come to a presentation on Conrad’s smuggler, the lateen rigged Tremolino
Community Boating, Inc.
21 David G Mugar Way, Boston, at 6:30pm, Friday October 3rd
three chances to go sailing on the Charles River: 10-12, 12:30-2:30 and 3-5
Sign up in advance or at the Friday night presentation. Free!

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