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great listen: farming without labels

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To listen to the radio piece, click HERE!

Who is a good farmer? This question of goodness has been important to the popularization of the sustainable food movement. However, consumer evaluations of so-called goodness has become increasingly reliant on labels––“Organic,” “Locally-grown,” “Certified Humane,” “GMO-Free,” the list goes on. But when these labels can be co-opted by large-scale producers, do they retain any meaning? Is the certified organic beef from the supermarket a better choice than the not-certified beef sold by a local farmer at the farmers’ markets? Intuition seems to tell us no but Shizue RocheAdachi (SHE-zoo-eh r-OH-ch a-da-chee), a student at Yale University, decided to put a story to the question and headed out to Morris, Connecticut to talk to a farmer who’s forgoing the labels.

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One thought on “great listen: farming without labels

  1. So why, exactly, is Greenhorns promoting this guy?

    He’s feeding his livestock GMO-laden feed. His meat & eggs are full of Roundup residue. His criticism of simplistic labels is valid but he’s hiding behind that problem to avoid facing the fact that he’s poisoning his neighbors just like the chain grocery stores do. He’s so far down the Slippery Slope that even though his pigs might be better treated his products are not significantly less toxic than those sold by Foster Farms or ConAgra.

    Greenhorns has, once again, fallen for Style over Substance.

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