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rural christian youth movement

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The Rural Movement of Christian Youth (MRJC) is a youth movement managed and run by young people aged sixteen to thirty. Heir to the Catholic Agricultural Youth and Catholic Agricultural Youth Women, before becoming MRJC, he says is animated, among others, by the ideals of social justice and equality. The movement of the work revolve mainly around issues of education, agriculture, rural life, environment, employment, and faith but also globalization of politics or of economics .

Founded in 1929 in Lorraine, the Catholic Agricultural Youth contributed, throughout its existence, to modernize agriculture and to train many cadres and community leaders, professionals and policy. In the 1960s, seeing the rural world and society change, Jacistes understand soon enough that farmers are not the only actors in this world and that we must open up to a wider audience. The JAC becomes in 1963 MRJC Rural Christian Youth Movement. Besides the agricultural age MRJC now takes into account the other layers of the countryside: young employees, but also early school education. MRJC belongs to the movement of popular education . It is one of the only fully managed youth organizations and run by and for young people.

Read the full wikipedia article here or learn about the movement on the MRJC website (French)

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