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The protests taking place in Baltimore are a part of an uprising for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Through protests, civil disobedience, and media, black people and allies are demanding we acknowledge and discuss the systematic racism in America that is portrayed specifically though police brutality based on race.

The actions taking place in Baltimore have proven to be extremely controversial.  Some, including large media, speak of the events though a lense of violence and fear-mongering, and dismiss the black experience. Others see the actions as a result of righteous rage and compare the protests to historically prominent moments in American history that have shaped civil rights as we know them today.

Everyone has their side. Whole Foods Market in East Baltimore publicly declared to support the National Guard during this time with sandwich donations.  Make a choice to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement through supporting black farmers.

(Post adopted from The Root Of It All Blog)


  1. Five Seeds Farms
  2. The Flower Factory
  3. The Greener Garden


  1. Boxcar Grocer
  2. Patchwork City Farms
  3. Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag


  1. Healthy Food Hub
  2. Trinity United Church of Christ Farmers Market (Summer)
  3. Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm


  1. Chateau Hough Vineyard
  2. Rid-All Green Partnership


  1. Afroculinaria
  2. Community Farming Alliance
  3. Good Sense Farm
  4. Three Part Harmony

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