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Young farmers aren’t just going back to the land, we’re also headed back to the future. Case in point? Last week, the open source web-based platform for  farm management FarmOS released its second edition, Beta2. (For some background, read our post about Beta 1.) The new edition boasts easier navigation and many new and useful features, such as its “Clone” button, which allows users to create new logs from preexisting ones.

Here’s an overview of new features. The full list of updates is available here.

  • Files can be attached to Animals and Equipment, which is useful for pedigree records or service manuals.
  • Movements, Activities, and Observations can now reference multiple assets at once. So if you are moving 100 cattle, you only need one movement log, instead of 100.
  • Added a “Clone” button for creating a new log from an existing one.
  • Thumbnail images of Animal, Plantings, and Equipment are now shown in the lists.
  • New “History of assets in an area” list, so you can see everything that has ever been in an area (helpful for organic certification).
  • The “Crops” tab is now called “Plantings”, to make it more clear and consistent with the other tabs.
  • Improved the breadcrumbs for easier navigation.
  • And more…


If you’re interested in trying FarmOS, you can visit the demo site or find more information here.

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