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the classic american glyphosate meal


Go to a local fast food joint, get the classic American meal of a double bacon cheeseburger, fries and a soda and you are participating in a glyphosate-based food system. The cows (producers of the beef and milk for the processed cheese product) and the pigs (source of the bacon, all ate genetically modified Roundup Ready corn, soybeans and/or alfalfa.

The bun is made wheat that was sprayed with glyphosate just before harvest. The sweeteners in the bun, the ketchup, and the soda are made from genetically-modified corn or sugar beets. The fries are usually cooked in one or more of the following oils, cottonseed, canola and/or soy – all genetically engineered to resist death by Roundup. Even the bubbles in the soda come from genetically modified corn sprayed with glyphosate!

Currently, almost all non-organic animal products, processed foods, vegetable oils and lots of food additives depend on crops sprayed with glyphosate. To read more about glyphosate and it’s effects, click HERE!

2 thoughts on “the classic american glyphosate meal

  1. Thanks for another TERRIFIC post.

    And fyi, here’s more info to back up concerns:


    Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., RDN Food Sleuth®, LLC…”helping people think beyond their plates” Columbia, MO

    Food Sleuth Radio: Listen Live, Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Central: Public Radio Exchange:

  2. For years I have been asking the McDonald’s reps at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association meetings to bring a message back to their CEO: Please make organic Happy Meals! After all, IF the corporation really cared about children, wouldn’t they want to make the healthiest meal possible?
    While we’re on the topic of McDonald’s just a heads up about the toxic tater campaign — those famous fries are made from potatoes grown in MN where they receive lots of pesticide sprays that are making local children ill. My interview with Robert Shimek is available via Food Sleuth Radio archives and Public Radio Exchange:
    Check out the Toxic Tater campaign here: and like their FB page here:
    Thanks for putting glyphosate into such practical terms.
    Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D

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