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the milkhouse creamery in maine is hiring!

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Part-Time Creamery Assistant

The Milkhouse is a certified organic creamery started in 2012 by Andy Smith and Caitlin Frame. It is located in South China at Two Loons Farm. We bottle raw organic Jersey milk and make whole milk yogurt, greek style yogurt and skim milk yogurt in various flavors. All of our dairy products are wholesaled to about 3 dozen accounts in central, mid coast and southern Maine. We also raise pigs, which we sell by the half and whole directly to customers.

We’ve been fortunate to have Two Loons Farm as an incubator for our business the past few years, and now we’re re locating to Monmouth where we’ll be milking our own Jersey cows and expanding the creamery and other aspects of the farm. Our transition will be slow, and we’ll continue to process yogurt here in South China until the beginning of July. During this time of flux-mid April through mid July-we’re looking to hire a part time employee to work about 20+ hours a week in the creamery. We are open to hiring someone who might be able to continue working with us in Monmouth, where the creamery job will evolve into a full time salaried position. We’re looking for a responsible, motivated and positive person for this job.

Responsibilities include yogurt making (getting morning milk, begin heating milk, labeling and prepping containers, filling containers, any and all clean up required, etc), processing and packaging greek yogurt, prepping orders, making deliveries, picking up inventory items, possible child care.

The right person for this job is passionate about and interested in sustainable food systems, local economy and community, enjoys working with milk and food processing, pays great attention to detail, has knowledge of or willingness to learn basic sanitation practices, maintains patience and enthusiasm whilst spending long hours in the dairy, has the ability to lift 60+ pounds, possesses great communication skills, and has a valid driver’s license.

We make yogurt 3-4 days a week and make deliveries 2 days a week. Work days may include Saturday or Sunday but our schedule is flexible, and we ask that yours be, too. Compensation will be an hourly wage based on experience, plus food we raise & produce (yogurt, milk, pork, beef, eggs: all certified organic or raised as such).

To apply, please send a resume, brief letter of intent, and two references to

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