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Editor’s Note: Fixing Food, Fixing Media

Supporting better journalism is a value proposition–just like supporting a better food system.

Journalism and agriculture are two sides of the same coin: Both have been made artificially cheap. We have come to expect free media, just as many expect to be able to buy a dozen eggs for under $3.00. But lack of social investment in both of these public goods is leading us down the wrong path.

If you read any of our stories, you know all too well the high cost of a broken food system and the “true cost of food.” And if you’re like me, you probably try to spend a little more on food you value when your budget allows it.

I’m proposing that more of us should begin to see journalism that way. Yes, buying healthier, sustainably produced food helps keep the environment cleaner, ensures that farm animals and workers are treated better, and leads to better personal health outcomes. But investing in well-crafted reporting and thoughtful commentary is equally important in a world of listicles, sponsored content, sensational headlines, and dumbed-down aggregation. Continue reading the full story.

By on March 30, 2015

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