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farmOS beta 1 release

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Mike Stenta has worked on farms and developed websites for them since 2008. The platforms included administrative interface for CSA management and expanded into what is now Farmier.  He wants to share these tool with other farmers, so the community can grow and evolve together.  He has just announce the first “beta” release of farmOS, an online and open-source farm management system!  The program will aid farmers in management, record keeping, and planning. It is still in it’s trial phase, but the software will soon be offered for free download. You can run it independently or subscribe through Farmier as a host.

Some main features of the site include:

  • New “Farm Plan” dashboard, with upcoming tasks, and “late tasks”
  • New “Animal Types” and “Animal Groups” lists for easy access and better organization of animal
  • Photo fields on Equipment records, Maintenance logs, and Observation logs.
  • Buttons to mark logs as “Done” and “Not Done”
  • Button to “Reschedule” logs
  • A bunch of enhancements for mobile users
  • And more….

If you are interested in testing this service contact Mike here.  For now he has been developing it in his free time and contributing all of the code back to the open source community for free.  The opportunity is open for sponsorship and development help. Here is an overall contact sheet for questions, interest, or sponsorship.

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