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the butterfly girls: sustainability in prisons project promotes conservation

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The Butterfly Girls
By Paul Sheldon and Burt Klein, Corrections One

This story highlights the Mission Creek Correctional Center for Women’s work under the Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP). Under the project, the prison has compost piles, recycling bins, garden beds, water-recycling systems, and butterfly-propagation greenhouse maintained by the inmates. Washington inmates raise endangered frogs, butterflies, grasses and mosses.  Pilot activities from 2004-07 helped the prison reduce its operating costs and environmental impact while fostering engagement with nature and conversation among the entire prison community.

The mission behind SPP focuses on three areas:

• Green-collar education and training
• Sustainable operations of prisons
• Scientific research and conservation

Here are a few more articles about green initiatives in the prisons:
Inmate Blog: Hard Time Cafe
Green Jobs Training Smoothes Re-entry Process
Angola’s 100-year Commitment to Sustainability

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