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Land for Good By Caroline Tremblay via the Keene Sentinel For farmers who are just starting out, gaining access to land that fits their needs is often incredibly challenging. Not only is finding available land an issue, but other factors including affordability, location, and housing also come into play. On the other end of the spectrum, there are farmers who have been working their land for years and are ready to pass it on. But succession planning can be extremely overwhelming. Enter Land for Good, a 10-year old organization based in Keene that creates opportunities by connecting farmers with land. They provide online guides, host educational workshops and events, and offer donation or grant funded one-on-one consulting that ranges from overthe- phone advising to long-term collaborations. Land for Good’s new Executive Director, Jim Hafner, says, “We’re on the front edge of this land access issue.” CONTINUE READING or VISIT LAND FOR GOOD’S WEBSITE

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