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300 seed libraries regulated out of existence?

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People have been saving and sharing seeds for over 10,000 years. Seed libraries have sprung up around the country to support this practice, which not only brings communities together but also helps protect the diversity of our seeds and strengthens our food system. Now they’re in danger of being shut down.

Pennsylvania, Maryland, Minnesota and Nebraska seed libraries have received letters from their state departments of agriculture saying they are out of compliance with state seed laws that were written to regulate seed companies. We need your help to convince state departments of agriculture across the country to remove the legal barriers to seed sharing through seed libraries. Please add your name to the list and share widely!

SEEDS OF TIME (my new documentary which follows agriculture pioneer Cary Fowler on his race to protect and preserve seed diversity around the world) is partnering with the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) and Seed Matters on this important campaign to protect our right to save and share local seeds. They have already gathered over 7K signatures; we hope to help them reach far beyond their goal of 10K signatures.

Go HERE to learn more about the film and sign the petition!

You can also reach out to Sandy McLoed if you would like to screen SEEDS OF TIME in your community or institution!

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